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Sivananda World News: The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Zentrum, Berlin, Germany

Om Namah Sivaya! In June courses and classes ran well. A Pranayama course was offered in early June with a good and inspired group of people ready to dive deeper into the breathing exercises. We had an advanced asana workshop dedicated to the mastery of the pigeon, Kapotanasana. We had good support from Karma Yogis. The weather was summerly warm and many classes took place outside on the garden platform. The students loved it.  The vacation issue of our summer brochure was finalized and sent to the printer. Work in our back yard garden continued, a step by step transformation into an oasis for relaxation and peace. On Friday 21 of June we supported the Indian Embassy of Berlin with the celebration of the International Day of Yoga. This year the event took place in the northern part of Germany on the beach of the island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea. It was a wonderful location, the weather was splendid and many people participated in the program. We contributed with several minutes of Om chanting which was well received by all. Swami Satyananda came back from London where he was teaching the TTC. OM.



Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Om Namah Sivaya. By Gods Grace and Masters’ blessings, all went well and smoothly at the Buenos Aires Centre in June. We continued our programs and classes with a few students, due to the economic crisis in the country. A Beginners’ Yoga Course was opened. We continued with the study of Bhagavad Gita with Swami Premananda. We continued with the Vedanta Course with Swami Dayananda. We had a teachers meeting to plan the activities for the International Day of Yoga. Then Swami Dyananda gave a special asana class for teachers. We celebrated International Day of Yoga with many people, participating with a meditation session, guided by Swami Dayananda. Swami Premananda then chanted Mantras. Despite being winter, the day seemed like springtime. Many Sivananda teachers participated in the Celebration. Swami Premananda traveled to Neuquen to lead the International Yoga Day in that city. And Swami Dayananda traveled to Montevideo, Uruguay to participate in their International Yoga Day. Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires we opened the doors of the Centre giving a free yoga class for all people and an Introduction to Meditation session, guided by Raghuvira, who is a teacher who has taught at the Centre for many years. We hope that all of you are well. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Chengdu, China

Om Namah Sivaya from Chengdu. In June we focused more on the Centre’s energy, keeping the energy stable after our outreach activities. The Dragon Boat Festival holiday gave us an opportunity to clean up the Centre. A highlight this month was a Satsang on the topic of the benefits of Kirtan as we chanted together. We found out that if students understand the meaning of chanting, they will enjoy chanting more. Ambika came back from Japan. We prepared for Swami Narayananandaji’s course, inviting more students to join us. We also arranged for Swamiji to teach at the Tongzilin International Community Centre. Open classes went well in June, but due to 3 days of public holiday, some students were away. ATTC in the Yoga Farm started and Sivani was translating the course. Our karma yogis Nandini. Hamsa joined the ATTC. Sivani sent us lots of inspiring quotes from the ATTC, so we also felt the uplifting energy from it.


Our mid-June highlights were workshops taught in Beijing for the 21st International Yoga Day. Swami Narayananandaji taught a Kirtan workshop; lectures on the 5 Points of Yoga and the Synthesis of Yoga. 17 people joined the afternoon workshop, most of them foreigners. All of them had very nice feedback on the workshops. In Chengdu Centre, on 18thof June, Swamiji finished the Intensive course with counseling sessions. We celebrated Swami Narayananandaji’s 60th birthday in a vegetarian restaurant. Swamiji and Ambika went to Beijing on 19thof June, in that evening we had a Satsang with 20 students in Vidya Devi’s Yoga Centre. Swamiji taught the 20th-23rd Stress Management course in Vidya Yoga Centre, with 10 students participating. After the 4-day course, students felt more connected with their inner self and most students promised that they will continue their practice at home. Chengdu Centre’s open classes also continued smoothly. Saraswati taught a class in the Cancer Hospital on International Yoga Day. Patients there felt great after the Yoga practice, so we discussed about offering more activities like this to help the Cancer patients. On 22nd, we were invited by Indian Embassy and the 2019 International Day of Yoga (Chengdu) to join the South-West Yoga Alliance. The Embassy also presented Swami Sivananda as one of the Modern Yoga Masters at the event. We were so proud that we are the disciples of this lineage. All is well by Guru’s grace. May Master and Swamiji continue to bless all with inspiration for staying on their spiritual path. Om Shanti. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Om Namah Sivaya to all Blessed Selves from the Chennai Centre. During the month of June we started with busy Beginners’ Yoga group. Gopan participated in a full day free workshop, conducted by Nandalala, a very well know brain trainer, for students at The Government School, Thiruvanmiyur. Suresh, from Neyyar Dam, stayed at the Centre for a couple hours waiting for his flight to England. Sunil from Madurai came to visit the Centre. Staff member, Lalita, returned to Japan after staying in the Centre for two nights. International Yoga Day (IYD) was the highlight. We were invited to the IYD celebrations using different social media: boards on the streets, distribution of flyers and newspapers. The celebrations started on the 21st and finalized on the 23rd.  On the 21st, we had full day program in and out of the Centre with a lot happy faces at the end of the day. On 22ndand 23rdthere were free trial classes and talks for adults and kids who enjoyed the time at the Centre. Everyone received the new 3 month schedule with some of signing up. Rahul from Madurai joined us at the Centre. Gopan and Sandhya travelled to Kerala, on their way to Canada. Mangala Chaitanya went to Kerala for couple days. Thanks to Master and Guruji, students and staff are well. Pranams! Om.


International Yoga Day 2019 Report:

The celebrations started on the beach early in the morning. The first class was at 5:45 am with 50 people enjoying the breeze from the sea.  All the space we prepared was full. Meanwhile, at the Chennai Centre we had free open class at 6 am and the space was full too. Also in the morning, senior teachers gave class in different institutions around the city, 80 people attended. In the noon, gentle yoga class had new students. At 6 pm, we started the Satsang with short meditation and talk. Then, a dance was performed by a school of our students and the celebrations concluded with a dinner for all. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Chicago, USA

Om Namah Sivaya. Blessings from Chicago, where regular classes and courses continued as usual in June. Hamsa departed for the Yoga Ranch for two weeks. Arjuna arrived from Canada to stay with us here in Chicago for three weeks. Students quite enjoyed his presence. As June continued we had the pleasure of having a house full of staff.  Hamsa returned from the Ranch, while Bhavani arrived from NYC.  Bhavani served at the Chicago Centre with Hamsa while Radhika is away at the Ranch for ATTC for several weeks. Arjuna was busy teaching a Meditations & Mantras course plus open classes. He connects well with the Chicago community and spent time engaging with both long term students and new students alike, genuinely emphasizing the blessing of having a Sivananda Centre in the city and highlighting the importance of gathering together in Satsanga.  Arjuna led an inspiring, heartfelt on Satsang where he shared about the importance of Satsang and told stories about Swami Vishnu. Pranams and prem from sunny Chicago. We are grateful to the Gurus for continuing to protect and inspire our Sadhana. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta DÀ LAT Centre, Dà Lat, Vietnam

Om Namah Sivaya from the beautiful DaLat Centre. For the month of June the number of students remained stable. Restorative Yoga and Advanced Yoga classes were offered. Our Beginners’ Yoga 2 and Beginners’ Yoga 1 courses progressed well. On 23rdJune all staffs and some students joined in with the International Yoga Day, led by Federation Yoga Vietnam. We offered an outdoor asana class for the event. Many students joined in and said they felt relaxed after the class. Staff continued doing their daily Sadhana, maintaining the good energy and positive attitude in the Centre. Many people joined Satsang in June. We give thanks for Master and Guru’s grace. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta DWARKA Centre, Delhi, India

Om Namah Sivaya. By the guidance of the Gurus, the Centre ran efficiently and effortlessly.

Mid month we started a Beginners’ Yoga batch at 6am & 4pm. As the week commenced all the remaining open/gentle/prenatal/advanced, private classes were taught and attended well. With the grace of our Gurus International Yoga Day was celebrated in the Centre with lots of zest and zeal on 21st June 2019. Free Meditation, advanced, open, gentle, headstand workshop and trial/Beginners’ Yoga classes were conducted. 175 students attended. After each class students were served with refreshments and presented a special yoga day logo printed t-shirt. In preparation for the International Yoga Day we taught special yoga classes the entire week at one of the government organization who showed lot of interest and discipline in learning yoga. On International Yoga Day Sivananda teachers also took outside classes with total student count of 166 in a government organization, hospital and private concern. It was a joyous affair which made each one of us get more connected with Yoga.

We thank the Gurus for giving all of us this opportunity and also giving us their grace during the weekly Satsangs where everyone related to the importance of doing yoga and sitting for meditation/Satsang/chanting together. We continued our high level of learning week at the Centre and pray to the Gurus to keep showering their blessings on us and to keep us from faltering by following their guiding light so that we can keep learning and growing each day following the ways and will of the Gurus. Thanks to all the Sivananda community from Dwarka Centre, Delhi. Pranams to all. Om.


International Yoga Day 2019 Report:

The International Day of Yoga 2019 was a step towards a healthier and happier generation of humans. So in this vision in Dwarka Centre we conducted various classes and workshops both in the Centre and outside the Centre. We started the day with the advanced yoga asana class, open class, meditation workshop and Beginners’ Yoga class. All of the four classes were filled with students. They were are all enthusiastic and energetic about the classes. We served special refreshments after the class which they enjoyed along with their conversations about yoga and meditation. Then at 10 AM we conducted the Weight-loss workshop, headstand workshop and a Beginners‘ Yoga class again which too attracted many yoga enthusiasts and newbees. In the evening we conducted the classes for the elderly and for kids as a special session. Apart from that, we took three outside classes at a hospital, a Government organization and a private concern. Throughout entire day the staffs served all activities tirelessly and happily. Thanks to them we were able to take to message of Swamiji to whomever attended the classes that ”Health is wealth; Peace of mind is happiness; Yoga shows the way”. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta NATARAJA Centre, Delhi, India

Om Namo Narayanaya. June started with a Beginners’ Yoga course at 6:30am. We also started Foundation to Meditation course on Wednesdays at 10am. Kapoorji left for the Sivananda Yoga Camp Ashram, Canada on 4th. We conducted the classes (Open class, Gentle yoga, Kids’ yoga, Prenatal yoga and trial class) as per schedule. We also conducted daily Satsangs for staff and Sunday evening for everyone. Jaypal went to his home for holiday. With the blessings of the Masters, the Centre is doing well and everyone is fine. We send our Pranams and hope everyone is happy and peaceful. Om.


International Yoga Day 2019 Report:

By Grace of our Masters, much like previous years, Sivananda Yoga Delhi celebrated the 5th International Day of Yoga 2019 on 21st June with fervor and dedication. The main event  was held at R Block Park, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi and started sharp at 5:30 Am on that day, with Teachers and Staff of the Centre having reached earlier and earmarked various sections of the park for respective Yoga classes and demonstrations. Slowly and surely residents and enthusiasts started reaching the park venue. Various free classes were planned including – Yoga for Beginners, Open Class, Special Surya Namaskar Class, Kids Class and Gentle Yoga Class apart from spreading the message on Swamis 5 Points of Yoga and awareness about the activities offered at the Centre. The classes were taught by senior teachers and assisted by teachers and Staff of Sivananda Yoga family who were more than 15 in number. An estimated 70 residents participated in the event across all age groups with many joining the Open Class and the Surya Namaskar Class showing the increased level of awareness about Yoga, due to IDY and other ongoing outreach on spreading the message of Yoga for wellness. Meanwhile back at the Centre the regular Classes also saw quite high levels of attendants, from existing and some new students. As part of its outreach, Sivananda Yoga Delhi Centre took special Yoga Classes at various institutions across the Delhi National Capital region, including Yoga Day Classes at Inter University Accelerator Centre, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida and the Income Tax Department in New Delhi. Some glimpses of the Yoga Days activity is evident in the attached pictures. All in all, with the earnest hard work of Staff, Teachers, Students and Karma Yogis, starting weeks before IDY 2019, the Yoga Day celebrations helped spread the Universal Message of ours Masters Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda  – ” Health is Wealth, Peace of Mind is Happiness, Yoga shows the Way”. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

Om Namah Sivaya. To begin June the Geneva Centre had an advanced workshop class on balancing poses. A highlight was our monthly retreat on the Salève, the nearby mountain, in a Buddhist monastery. We had a group of 11 people. We enjoyed a wonderful walk, Asanas and Pranayama and a Satsang from Bliss Divine. 3 people were Beginners’ Yoga and they liked it very much ! Ananta went to the TTC Refresher in Orleans for 1 week and Madhavi from Spain was here to help with teaching, cooking and other Karma Yoga tasks. Girija gave a cooking workshop and a workshop on how to increase your energy. We also had an advanced Asana workshop on backbends and triangles. Om Namah Sivaya. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Om Namah Sivaya. In early June Ganga Chaitanya returned from her travels to the United States and Japan and then left again the same day for the Dalat Ashram to lead the Kids Yoga program with first training of the staff and followed by the Kids’ Camp itself.  We started a Beginners’ Yoga Course, taught by Durga with 10 people.  We had a special asana workshop for Balancing Posture Variations, taught by Sundaram with 11 people.


By mid June we offered the staffs, karma yogis and students an outing to Giang Dien waterfall, a one and a half hours drive from Hochiminh City.  We had a asana class with 21 peoples in the nature park of Giang Dien waterfall. Everyone was recharged energy by the nature and yoga. We started a Restorative Yoga series, taught by Durga with 9 people. Swami Pranavananda ji went to Dalat Ashram for 6 days. Sundaram came back to the Ashram after serving one month at HCM Centre. Many people attended Satsangs regularly in the evenings and also mornings. With Guru’s Grace all staff are working well together and doing well in their Sadhana. We are happy to continue spreading the wisdom of Yoga follow the teachings of the Master and Guru. Pranams to the Sivananda Family. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, London, England

Om Namah Sivaya. In early June the London Centre’s main focus was the preparation of the TTC. Everything was ready and in place to welcome the students, with everyone arriving safely. The group looked enthusiastic and bright and in the evening after dinner they were all eager to help with whatever was needed. The inauguration went well with all staff and Chandra assisting. The students were very open and already felt at home at the Centre. Swami Satyananda arrived safely from Berlin to stay with us during the TTC. Also Ganga from Belgium arrived to stay with us for the next three months and on Sunday Yukanan came to support the kitchen during TTC. Swami Gayatriananda visited the Centre on a sunny afternoon and was warmly welcomed by the staff and Karma yogis who know her since long time. Two Beginners’ Yoga Level 1 courses started and we also had a chanting- and a small headstand workshop.

With an expanded staff, many dedicated Karma yogis and a dynamic TTC group we looked forward to the weeks to come. All 11 TTC Students of the course had a good first week. They adapted very well to the course rhythm, became inspired by the lectures, classes and Satsangs and also plunged enthusiastically into their Karma Yoga tasks. During the nice silent walks they could experience the peaceful nature side of London. The group was homogeneous and had a very good group spirit. They quickly felt like a family. They were deeply impressed by the Poojas from the special program with the priest. A Beginners’ Yoga level 1 started with Ganga and Yukannan teaching their first classes at the Centre. Both did well. Gauri arrived from Paris to support the Centre in the afternoons. The staff population  now had a boost with altogether four new teachers/Karma yogis becoming active. Yagneswara arrived from France and we had a Siva Linage Puja, a Lakshmi Narayana Yantra Puja and beautiful Sri Yantra Lamp Puja in front of an altar full of Prana and flowers. The chanting of the Lalita Sahasranama Stotram uplifted the energy and everyone felt blessed and grateful.

By mid June the students of the inspired TTC group enjoyed an additional cooking workshop and also a Sanskrit workshop with Nina Falwell. Teaching groups continued with the basic class and the final philosophy lectures started. The talent show evening was full of warmth and love. Swami Kailasananda arrived to finish the TTC course and gave a most inspiring Satsang in the evening while Swami Satyananda returned to the Berlin Centre. All are well. Staff nicely worked together, adding to the good support from Karma Yogis. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Om Namo Narayanaya! During early June our open classes continued well. Beginners’ Yoga 1 students completed their course and with enthusiasm to keep up their steady practice. A beautiful Ganesha Puja, with Pundit Mani Sharma, was filled with joyous devotees, all joining together to create a wonderfully inspiring evening. Students and Karma Yogis wholeheartedly continued supporting the Centre while we found a new location of the Centre. Swami Sitaramananda and Mahalakshmi Chaitanya returned to Yoga Farm, Ishwara arrived to support LA Centre for a weekend, Hari Krishna Das departed to the Yoga Farm for a weekend to recharge and Radha Chaitanya departed to San Francisco Centre for one month while Swami SivaSankariananda travelled to teach ATTC at the Ashram Yoga Farm.


We continued to receive many blessings from the Gurus. The students kept coming and feeling the benefits of the practice. Satsangs were very inspiring and we loved it all. The Sivananda daily readings made everyone’s morning just little better. We offered a Bhagavad Gita class where students enjoyed a heart touching lecture and then went to watch the sunset in honour of the longest day of the year. May the blessings keep coming our way and shining the path. By Guru’s Grace and our sincere efforts may we be instruments of Peace. Om Namo Narayanaya! Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madrid, Spain

Om Namah Sivaya, Blessed Selves! The focus of June was promotion of the Summer 2019 programs in Aluenda and the planning of the new Centre brochure. A Yoga 4 and a Yoga 7 courses started. We offered a Positive Thinking course with very attentive students. The Summer started in Madrid and students enjoyed the terrace with many blooming flowers. The International Yoga Day was celebrated in the Centre with a three day program. About 120 newcomers in total attended the free yoga classes and introductions to meditation. The new Centre brochure was sent to the graphic artist and a newsletter was sent regarding Yoga Vacation programs in Aluenda. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madurai, India

Om Namah Sivaya. Namaste. The 5th International Day of Yoga celebrations started with the TTC students and Ashram staff leaving early morning for a class organized by Walker’s  Club in Sundaram Park, located in the posh city premises. The main aim of the program was to attract attention among people who frequent the park to exercise. The program saw 108 rounds of Sun Salutation practiced by the participants which proved to be test of their levels of physical stamina and mental perseverance. Yoga, being popularized as a form of physical activity, most compatible with a hectic lifestyle, has a basic prerequisite of simply the possession of a yoga mat. This notion was met with stupendous success. Later in the day we had classes at one of the prominent schools in Madurai, Mahatma Gandhi International School, which was well received by the school faculty and children. Also, sessions at a corporate organization HCL and The Hindu Newspaper office were also attended by a modest crowd. Meanwhile, the Madurai Centre’s courses are running smoothly and classes are going well. We thank our Masters for all blessings and support bestowed. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Montevideo, Uruguay

Om Namah Sivaya! In June we started more Beginners’ Yoga courses. Chandra gave the Satsangs with very good energy and Kanti Devi prepared a delicious prasad. The regular programs continued to be supported by the grace of Masters. We continued preparing for the International Yoga Day events, joining 6 other yoga schools of traditional yoga and the Indian Embassy. This year saw the promotion of International Yoga Day on Open TV Channel 12 in Uruguay and on FM Alfa Radio. Courses on Meditation, plus a Beginners’ Yoga course continued. Classes OK. We await a new Temporary Staff Radha from Tarija, Bolivia.


We had a beautiful weekend for International Yoga Day. Remembering that we had the winter solstice in the South all the activities were inside. On the 21stJune at the Centre we held an open class, free lunch and Peace Satsang, directed by Swami Dayananada from Buenos Aires. It was a beautiful Satsang. Swami irradiated from her practice, very clear ideas and experiences of peace, in line with Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda’s teachings. 22ndof June saw an open class of 37 people in the Centre, directed by Swami Dayanananda. Lectures in the Radisson Hotel in the afternoon by Sumedha Rani from Ayyush of Indian Embassy and a beautiful lecture on Vivekananda and Education from Rosabela Etcheverry, a wonderful teacher from Uruguay, specializing in Swami Vivekananda. Sunday, the 23rdof June we continued the big celebration. In the most important Hall of Radisson Hotel Victoria Plaza in Montevideo, under the auspices of the Indian Embassy, Consulate of India in Montevideo, City Hall of Montevideo, Cultural and Education Ministry, sponsors an important open TV Canal Teledoce, TATA Consulting Service, Victoria Plaza Hotel and many sponsors in the Foyer of the Ballroom of Victoria Plaza, 6 traditional schools of Yoga joined together to organize the event. Since 2015 we have prefected the event a little more year by year. Students, teachers and staff enjoyed IYD and its celebrations very much. We felt Swami Vishnudevananda was very happy. May all live under Master’s and Guru’s grace. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Om Namah Sivaya and Greetings from the Montreal Centre! We had a very good month of June, with a lot of positive energy. The warm weather arrived and brought lots of joy to the students. Our unlimited yoga special for June, July and August received a good response, bringing new students to the Centre. The classes and courses ran smoothly. We enjoyed an uplifting Satsang with Lalita Chaitanya.


We had a lovely weather mid June in Montreal. All the regular activities ran smoothly at the Centre. We welcomed Swami Shivabhaktananda as he led an uplifting evening Satsang. His presence was always well appreciated by the students. Saturday’s Yoga at the Park started, a great outdoor activity to enjoy in the short summer in Montreal. We welcomed Gopala and Vani Devi from Brasil, who were performing a concert in Montreal. That Sunday evening Gopala led an inspiring Satsang about Bhakti yoga and together with Vani Devi we enjoyed a joyful kirtan full of devotion. They then travelled to the Yoga Camp. We were very happy to host them at the Centre and very grateful for their uplifting visit. The rest of June’s Satsangs were full prana and joy. By the grace of the Masters and all the support of the community, everything ran well at the Centre. We feel our Guru’s grace guiding us. Pranams to all! Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Munich, Germany

Om Namah Sivaya. A highlight for June was our participation in a “Health Day” for the employees of the Technical University which is just opposite the Munich Centre. It was very successful. We taught two trial classes which were full to the last place. Many people also inquired about the Centre and expressed their interest to come. Swami Narayanananda and Swami Vasudevananda travelled to the special Whitsun program in the Retreat House in Reith/Tyrol/Austria. Gayatri and Mirabai stayed at the Centre and got support from some devoted karma yogis.


On 21stof June – the International Day of Yoga – we offered free yoga classes with special topics for everybody at the Centre and presented slideshows at the reception about Swami Vishnudevananda’s work to propagate yoga and his peace missions. On the following day we participated in an open-air event organized by the Indian General Consulate in front of the State Opera House teaching a yoga class there. Thursday was a public holiday in South-Germany on which we had two yoga classes and a Satsang. Our close teacher Ananda took off from her job for a couple of months and is now coming every day for morning Satsangs, Sadhana and karma yoga to the Centre. Mirabai travelled to the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House in Reith/Tyrol/Austria. The rest of the Staff are well and send their greetings to everybody! OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, New York, USA

Om Namah Sivaya from Chelsea, New York City, where by grace, all continued well at the Centre in June. A new weekday morning Beginners’ Yoga 1 course started, while several other courses came to a close. The students voiced their enthusiasm to continue with more classes. We were happy to welcome Dr. Marilyn Rossner, who arrived from Montreal. She led the Satsang talk, speaking about her time with Swami Vishnudevananda and about connecting with Spirit. Swami Satyapremananda traveled together with Dr. Rossner to the Yoga Ranch for that weekend, returning on Sunday with Dr. Kamlesh, who spoke at the evening Satsang with introduction to Ayurveda. Many members of our community have pre-registered for the special International Day of Yoga class with Swami Paramananda, which will take place on the UN Headquarters lawn. It promised, as before, to be a big event, with this year a new exhibition on reducing carbon footprint, offered by the Ranch and New York Centre.


By mid June the rainy weather settled in, so our attention focused on preparations for the 5th Annual International Day of Yoga. The New York Centre and the Yoga Ranch were again invited to join the events at the United Nations Headquarters. From the Centre, Neeti led the preparations, working for weeks with the Permanent Mission of India in coordinating our participation. Nearly 800 people pre-registered for the event through the Centre and the Ranch. Swami Paramananda, along with Ranch staff and TTCs, came to the city, joining Centre staff, students, and karma yogis for the special IDY yoga class. The Centre closed at 12pm so that everyone could join the event. It had been scheduled, as in previous years, to occur on North Lawn of the UN, but due to rain everyone moved indoors to the General Assembly Hall. Swami Paramananda led the Sivananda Yoga portion of the class, starting with a 10-minute demonstration followed by a 10-minute practice session. Swamiji and several Ashram staff stayed over night at the Centre. Srinivasanji arrived on Friday morning, and many of us went with him to the UN on Friday. Srinivasanji was among the 5 panelists for a panel discussion called “Yoga for Climate Action,” with was very inspiring. By the Grace of the Gurus, all went well, as did the Centre’s regular classes and courses, and we feel very grateful to be continuing Swami Vishnu’s mission in New York City. On Saturday, we offered two workshops: “Inversions,” taught by Tandava, and “Stress Management through Asanas,” taught by Swami Satyapremananda. On Sunday, Isvari came from the Ashram to speak on Ayurveda at the evening Satsang. It was very well received, and staff were happy to see Isvari at the Centre. Staff are well and send pranams to all.


In 2019 we celebrate 55 years of the Centre in New York. Staff are doing well and sending our blessings from the New York City Centre. By Masters’ blessings and God’s Grace, all is running smoothly. Om.

Centre de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta, Paris, France

Om Namah Sivaya. Life gave us summer days with sunshine and rain in June. We offered a four-day Raja Yoga course with a little group of motivated students. The Centre was happy to see Sivakami returning from Madrid. Saraswati had a one-week holiday. There were some troubles in the public transportation system so it turned out that many teachers, karma yogis and students couldn’t come to the Centre. We started to work on the new brochure. A new teacher, Anne Cecile, started to teach by herself. Sivakami gave a class in the Indian Embassy. She also gave a beautiful Kirtan course, assisted by Vyasa. Bhakti was in the air. There was a headstand workshop. Swami Kailasananda came to the Centre to give the evening Satsangs. Swamiji read and commented on a little booklet of Swami Sivananda entitled how to become rich. The students distributed many postcards for the International Yoga Day in different parts of the city. On the 16th of June, God will bless Paris with the vibration of Om from the heart of the city by the Eiffel tower. Our senior teacher, Omkari together with a good group of teachers and Karma yogis from the Centre attended while other staff members were in Orleans for the TTC Refresher Course. God gave us beautiful weather for the longest day of the year. The City of Paris celebrated the 21stof June with music concerts everywhere. The staff came back from Orleans on the 21stand found everything in order. We put prana into the brochure and the teachers’ programs for the summer. The Centre was happy to see Swami Kailasananda who dropped in on her way to London. The Centre had the calmest Open House ever. On the 23rdof June afternoon there was a beautiful celebration for the International Yoga Day. We had asana classes, Om Namo Narayanaya chanting and a peace Yantra Puja. That day, the priest arrived in the morning to prepare the Yantra. There was a harmonious and joyful mood the whole afternoon. The students were very grateful to the Centre. OM.


For International Yoga Day 2019, here’s a link to a short and inspiring video of the yoga class taught at the Eiffel Tower.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Porto Alegre, Brasil, South America

Greetings from Porto Alegre. In June two Beginners’ Yoga 1 courses started although there was not much interest in them. We continued with regular classes though and fortunately old students returned to the mat. Later in June we started another two Beginners’ Yoga 1. We celebrated the International Yoga Day, offering an open class at 6pm and the Satsang at 8pm with students interested. The good thing about these activities is to see Karma Yoga in action with the help of students, teachers and friends of the Centre. The rest of activities continue normally. Blessings and Peace to all of the Sivananda Family. Om.

Centro Yoga Vedanta Sivananda, Rome, Italy

Om Namah Sivaya, Blessed Selves. We send pranams to all. May the Masters guide you and protect you to carry on their mission. Om Shanti. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, San Francisco, California, USA

Om Namo Narayanaya, Blessed Selves. The beginning of June was busy. Swami Sivasankariananda and Sivapriya departed for the Yoga Farm, Swamiji to teach in the ATTC and Sivapriya to take the course. One Friday morning Puja filled the Centre and all attendees with the Divine Light of Mother Lakshmi. SYHET appointments throughout the week continued to bring inspiration and support. A Beginners’ Yoga 1 course started Sunday morning. Many Karma Yogis continued to support the Centre and contribute in holding space here in San Francisco. May God and Gurus continue to light our path.


A highlight of mid June was the celebration for the International Day of Yoga. It began at 6:00am on the 21stJune with a Guru Puja. Events at the Centre were free all day with a steady stream of people in attendance. We offered asana classes, lunch, a talk, outdoor pranayama session, meditation, mantra chanting, a children’s yoga class, pizza and a Bhagavad Gita study session. The children were asking for more (yoga or pizza?). Swami Sivasankariananda arrived from the Yoga Farm and stayed through the special weekend. 

Niranjan Babu gave an intriguing program on Vastu Shastra. Satsang, with former longtime Los Angeles Centre teacher Bhavani, joined us for Sunday evening Satsang where we affirmed the power of Sangha. We felt the Gurus’ blessings. May the Truth be spread far and wide. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, San Paulo, Brasil

Om Namah Sivaya. A highlight of June was when Sadashiva and Ishwari taught the Cultural Centre of India for the International Day of Yoga. Shankari and Divyajyoti alternated the cooking and cleaning tasks during the week before. Ishwari came to do Karma Yoga before her class, helping to clean the outside area of the Centre. We offered a Special Satsang to celebrate IDY 2019. It was a very auspicious evening. We continued the month of June with a few new Beginners’ Yoga courses and extended IDY celebrations. May the Masters continue to maintain prana and harmony in the Sivananda Centre of Sao Paulo. Om Shanti Shanti to all the Sivananda family. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel

Om Namah Sivaya. During the month of June we added two introductory classes to the upcoming meditation courses. The many recently new courses were accepted very well by the students. With the help of a few students we made a major cleaning of the garden and redesigned few areas. The Centre looked clean and fresh! A large order of books, yoga mats, meditation cushions and incense was placed in the boutique. Most of the week the staff spent time preparing for their upcoming trip to the Yoga retreat to participate in the celebration of Swami Swaroopananda’s birthday. Many karma yogis volunteered to step in and help while the staff are away. One Sunday evening Satsang we had a special kirtan night with Radha, visiting from the US.


Mid month was full of inspiring activities! We had 4 introductory classes for the upcoming meditation and positive thinking courses. A new meditation course opened with a nice group of enthusiastic students. There was excellent registration to the July Yoga for Kids Instructors Training course booking full very quickly. Since there are still more students interested we planned to offer another Yoga for Kids Instructors Training course in September. A new beautiful fountain for the garden was donated to the Centre by a group of devoted karma yogis. For the International Day of Yoga on the 21stof June we offered a free class, an open house and a Kirtan concert on the 22nd. All the activities were well attended and it was a great way to celebrate the gifts of Yoga with the community. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Tokyo, Japan

Om Namah Sivaya. In early June we enjoyed a beautiful season in Japan before entering the rainy season. The weather was fair with a comfortable temperatures. We saw a lot of flowers blooming everywhere and fresh green leaves brightly shining. Many trial classes were offered, joined by many students. Most of them signed up for our membership and enrolled in Yoga 1 courses. Bhagavad Gita study sessions were navigated by Mukthi, carefully studying Chapter 11, taking a few months. Ambika, staff at the Chengdu Centre in China, left the Shojiko Retreat to return back to China, after a stay in Japan for 13 days. These days, a huge number of tourists come visit to Japan, especially from China. We received their inquiries regarding a stay at the Tokyo Centre more than ever.


By mid June a well received 2-day Ayurveda workshop, by Annapurna Tamiko, was offered, joined by good number of students coming from various places nationwide. They learned about how food affects the body, how to deal with ourselves when dosha is out of balance, etc. Keiko Ito offered a Jyotish talk session in which she shared a Vedic knowledge such as how yoga and meditation help during any challenging periods; how we should understand our own karma; and so on. We celebrated the International Day of Yoga on the 21stJune, offering a free yoga class at the large park in Shinjuku, located at the heart of Tokyo. More than 30 students joined us for the event and enjoyed a yoga practice with beautiful nature. Padmavati Masako gave a workshop for Teaching Yoga to Seniors, which saw a full house. Many TTC graduates enrolled in the program and learned about the method and techniques of teaching yoga to Seniors for their safe practice. Staff was busy with workshops and programs, held almost everyday, plus managed to continue to keep up Sadhana and service. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Om Namah Sivaya. In early June the weather in Toronto finally brightened up and Nalini and Mookambika were able to do some gardening with Prahlad. Bhavani came back from Bahamas and we had a nice visit from Satya, arriving for a conference in Toronto. Saraswati taught a “How to Teach Meditation” course for our teachers. Prahlad left to the Ashram to teach Sadhana Intensive.


Around mid June we had nice celebration for Durairaj’s birthday, 21stJune. He always joked how International Yoga Day was celebrated in his honour as it is same day as his birthday. We prepared a special prasad and sang kirtans he loved. Dr. Sonal taught an Ayurvedic Nutrition workshop one Saturday which students always learn a lot from. Hadi came to visit for a week and Saraswati went to visit her family briefly before going to the Ashram for the summer. Mookambika left to the Ashram for one month. We send Om Namo Narayanaya to everyone. Pranams. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Om Namah Sivaya. During June we started morning Beginners’ Yoga 1 course with good number of students. All staff prepared for the International Yoga Day programs as we have full activity on IYD and that weekend. The climate was getting better as it rained more often. The Lalitha Sahsaranama Pooja took place each Friday, performed by the Centre’s priest. All other classes continued smoothly with Gods and Gurus blessing. Satsang was led by Yashpal.


By mid month we started another evening Beginners’ Yoga 1 Course with good number of students. Our regular classes continued. Even though it was raining mid month and humid our enthusiastic students kept their practice regular. A 108 Surya Namaskar session was led by Shivani for those attending International Yoga Day. The following Sunday morning there was Ganapathy Homa to remove all obstacles and negativity of Centre. Satsang was led by Yashpal. Pranams to one and all. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Om.


International Yoga Day 2019 Report:

Since International Yoga Day landed on a Friday this year we had opportunity to keep this celebration continuing for 3 days into the weekend. Trivandrum Centre had many trial classes, workshops, outreach programs and a popular panel discussion with expert doctors. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Vienna, Austria

Om Namah Sivaya. Greetings to all from Vienna. With the blessing of Master and Swamiji the month of June was very successful at the Vienna Centre. We had a pleasant month, not too hot and not too cold. Many courses were offered, in particular, Yoga 2, 4, 7, 14, 20, and 75, the students love to stay together and have the same teacher. Also, our theatre director of the most famous theatre in Vienna of 85 years continued with his private classes. Pushpa went to the Retreathouse in Reith to help the staff team there. During her absence, the Karma Yogis assisted in the smooth operation of the Centre. In the Satsangs, which were well visited, we spoke about Ahimsa, Svadhyaya and common Kirtan-Sadhana. We had a public holiday, which gave us the opportunity of a Satsang in the evening – the topic was Bhakti. We welcomed Annapurna as a new teacher at the Centre. The newsletter for the summer schedule was sent out and we also worked on updating our website. Swami Mangalananda went to the Retreathouse Reith for a few days. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Vilnuis, Lithuania

Om Namah Sivaya. In early June the weather was warm, so we could teach three times a day on the garden platform. Vacation time has started in Lithuania, so fewer students come to class. Beginners’ Yoga courses still continued though. We had a Kriya workshop one Saturday. Our teacher Datatreya inspired the students to practice and try even Sutra Neti and Dhauti together with Nauli. It was nice to have young new students to come on Summer weekend for such practices. We also focused on the upcoming retreat, creating advertisements, taking registrations, talking to the students, creating the menu and other things.


Later in June Lithuania had a Public holiday. The care of the Centre was taken fully by the teachers as Durga Devi left for TTC Refresher in Orleans to learn and get inspiration. Our teachers actively supported the International Yoga Day events at the City Hall, organized by Indian Consulate. They taught a Sivananda asana class in the midday, demonstrated asanas and performed in the yoga asanas show, together with the yoga teacher from India led the whole IYD event. Lots of leaflets, brochures of the Vilnius Centre were distributed along with tasty prasad, made by Mother Parvati. The Centre organized two free open classes on Friday, 21st of June. OM.

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The enjoyments of the senses are transient and the senses themselves are worn out by too much enjoyment. – Sri Swami Sivananda


INDRIYAS –  The senses.

The Indriyas (senses) have two states, static and dynamic. When the desire begins to operate, the Indriyas are put in motion. This is the dynamic state. As soon as the desire is gratified, the Indriyas shrink through Tripti (satisfaction). This is the static or passive state of the Indriyas.

The Mind and Indriyas are one. Indriya is a prolongation of the mind. The sea is fed by the rivers; the sea cannot exist without the rivers. Even so, mind is fed by Indriyas and cannot exist without Indriyas. If you have controlled the Indriyas, you have already controlled the mind.

Eyes can only see. Ears can only hear. Tongue can only taste. Skin can only touch. Nose can only smell. But, the mind can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Mind is the common sensory. The five senses are blended there. It can directly see, hear, smell, taste and feel independent of the senses. It is an aggregate of the five senses. All the sense-faculties are blended in the mind. You can see and hear directly through the mind by Yogic practice (clairvoyance and clairaudience).

Vasikaran – In this highest stage of Vairagya, the objects no longer tempt you. They cause no attraction. The Indriyas are perfectly quiet. Mind also is free from likes and dislikes (raga and dwesha). Then you get supremacy or independence. Now you are conscious of your supremacy.

Kaivalya (perfect independence) is when the Indriyas are drawn into the mind, the mind into the Mahat, and the Mahat into the Purusha. – Sri Swami Sivananda

Let prayer come from the bottom of your heart.- Sri Swami Sivananda