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Gurugram December 2019| Preface

Blessed Self,
Om Namah Sivaya

Greetings from the Sivananda Ashram Headquarters Val Morin.

As this year comes to a close and 2020 is about to begin, we look back on what a wonderful year 2019 was for the Sivananda Organization as it leapt towards building a wider yoga community for the citizens of the world. From reaching out to assist humanity in their quest for yoga and peace, to facilitating additional locations for Sivananda Teacher Training courses, staff and supporters energetically served the teachings of Master and Guru this year.

Generous support arrived in 2019 to help facilitate new Teacher Training Course locations, Yoga Retreats and Sivananda Centres; to renovate Ashrams; to expand medical outreach locations to larger populations; to expand Ayurveda treatment clinics; to facilitate Yaatras in India; to create a new Sivananda website; to produce plenty of new videos and social media updates for various Centres and Ashrams and to join more communities to Yoga.

What are your dreams for a yoga practice for 2020? Is it time to take your yoga to another level? Join a Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training course to learn deeply about yoga. There are plenty of courses to choose from, in beautifully selected locations around the world. To apply for a Teacher Training Course, go online to the new Sivananda Organization website –

Blessings to all the Sivananda family for a new year to come. We thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and support towards Swami Vishnudevananda’s teachings and mission. We strive to do so without compromising the authenticity of the message, carrying the same devotion and dedication as Swamiji.

May Master and Swamiji’s blessings be with you all always. Pranams to all.

Adaptability, kind speech, pure conduct, patience are the four fundamental virtues. – Sri Swami Sivanandaa

Upcoming Courses

Jan 04 – Feb 02/20
TTC – English
Nassau, Bahamas
Register Here

Jan 04 – Feb 02/20
TTC – Français
Orleans, France
Register Here

Jan 05 – Feb 01/20
TTC – Deutsch, Español, English,
Français हिन्दी, 日本語, فارسی
Neyyar Dam, South India
Register Here

Jan 06 – Feb 02/20
TTC – English, Español, Português
Garopaba, Brazil
Register Here 

Jan 12 – Feb 08/20
TTC – English
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India
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Jan 18 – Feb 16/20

TTC – Deutsch
Reith, Tyrol, Austria
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Feb 03 – Mar 03/20
TTC – English
Nassau, Bahamas
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Feb 09 – Mar 07/20
TTC – English
Gudur, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Feb 09 – Mar 09/20
TTC – English
Neyyar Dam, South India
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Feb 14 – Mar 14/20
TTC – English
London, England
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Feb 16 – Mar 14/20

TTC – English
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India
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Feb 22 – Mar 22/20
TTC – Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Chinese
Rudraprayag, Himalayas, North India
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Feb 24 – Mar 23/20
TTC – English
Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India
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All upcoming 2020 TTC, ATTC and Sadhana Intensive courses can be viewed here “TTC | ATTC | SI – Calendar” on the NEW Sivananda website, under the tab, Teachers’ Training. You can now conveniently apply for Teacher Training Courses online on the new Sivananda Organization website –

This body is meant for the good of others. Righteousness is the support of the entire world. – Sri Swami Sivananda

Raja Yoga

Chapter I: “Samadhi Pada – On Contemplations”


‘For others, asamprajnata samadhi is attained through faith, energy, recollection and keen awareness.’

For others, the highest state is reached through sincere lifelong application, as well as through past life efforts. Faith is the firm conviction that the truth exists and that it can and will be attained. With the basic positive attitude, failure is impossible. Energy, or will, is the drive that carries one along the path, bouncing back after failures and maintaining courage through difficult times. Recollection is past spiritual samskaras rising to the surface of mind and reinforcing the seekers journey to his goal. Keen awareness is focused application of the mind, the intense intellectual input that is necessary for merging with the Supreme.

Meditation and contentment are the secrets of good health and longevity. – Sri Swami Sivananda

Bhagavad Gita Quote

The Bhagavad Gita is a dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, narrated in the Bhishma Parva of the Mahabharata. The Bhagavad Gita is comprised of eighteen discourses, with a total of 701 Sanskrit verses. The timeless scene takes place on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Sri Krishna, through a swift conversation with Arjuna, reveals profound, sublime and soul stirring spiritual truths, plus, rare secrets of Yoga, Vedanta, Bhakti and Karma. Those who study, and endowed with Faith, can reap the full benefits of the Bhagavad Gita, and the science of the Soul.

Over the next few months we will review Swami Sivananda’s summary of each chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.

Chapter III – Karma Yoga – The Yoga of Action – a summary by Swami Sivananda.

In order to remove Moha or attachment, which was the sole cause of Arjuna’s delusion, Sri Krishna taught him the imperishable nature of the Atman, the realization of which would grant him the freedom of the Eternal. A doubt therefore arises in Arjuna’s mind as to the necessity of engaging in action even after one has attained this state.

Sri Krishna clears this doubt by telling him that although one has realized oneness with the Eternal, one has to perform action through the force of Prakriti or Nature. He emphasizes that perfection is attained not by ceasing to engage in action but by doing all actions as a divine offering, imbued with a spirit of non-attachment and sacrifice.

The man of God-vision, Sri Krishna explains to Arjuna, need not engage in action, as he has attained everything that has to be attained. He can be ever absorbed in the calm and immutable Self. But to perform action for the good of the world and for the education of the masses is no doubt superior. Therefore, action is necessary not only for one who has attained perfection but also for one who is striving for perfection. Sri Krishna quotes the example of Janaka, the great sage-king of India, who continued to rule his kingdom even after attaining God Realization.

Prakriti or Nature is made up of the three qualities—Rajas, Tamas and Sattwa. The Atman is beyond these three qualities and their functions. Only when knowledge of this fact dawns in man does he attain perfection.

The Lord tells Arjuna that each one should do his duty according to his nature, and that doing duty that is suited to one’s nature in the right spirit of detachment will lead to perfection.

Arjuna raises the question as to why man commits such actions that cloud his mind and drag him downwards, by force, as it were. Sri Krishna answers that it is desire that impels man to lose his discrimination and understanding, and thus commit wrong actions. Desire is the root cause of all evil actions. If desire is removed, then the divine power manifests in its full glory and one enjoys peace, bliss, light and freedom.

Behold the unity of all faiths, cults, creeds and religions. Respect the views, opinions and sentiments of all. – Sri Swami Sivananda

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ANTARATMA [Sanskrit]: inner soul; inner self

The secondless Supreme Being who resides in the chambers of your heart as Antaryamin or Inner Ruler or controller or Sutradhara or Sakshi (silent witness), Antaratma (inner Self) has no beginning, middle or end. The Supreme Being is the source for this world, the Vedas, the body, the mind, the Indriyas and the Pranas; is All-pervading; is unchanging; is the one homogeneous Essence (Ekarasa); existing in the past, present and future; is Self-existent Svayambhu; is Svatantra (independent) and is self-luminous (Svayam Jyoti) as God or Atman or Brahman or Purusha or Chaitanya or Purushottama.

Thought must agree with your word and word with your deed. – Sri Swami Sivananda