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Gurugram January 2022 | Preface

Om Namah Sivaya
Blessed Self
Greetings from all staff in the Sivananda Centres and Ashrams!

Unity in Diversity
Another year of challenges has finished and we pray that 2022 will bring the beginning of a new period, bringing hope and a new vision to the world.

The latest development of the Covid pandemic saw new restrictions arise, especially in Europe. The Retreat House in Reith had to close due to lockdown in Austria. The TTC, which was in session at that time, was completed online.

The programmes for Christmas and New Years were celebrated with small groups of guests in the Sivananda Ashrams, those which are able to remain open. As announced in the last Gurugram, the Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas reopened mid December after being closed for almost two years. Sivananda students were most grateful for the opportunity to take a break from the stressful situation of the world and relax, rejuvenate and bathe in a peaceful energy. Some Sivananda Centres offered online programs during Christmas time, to the joy of many who were not able to join in person. It was wonderful to feel connected this way and share the joy and power of the yogic teachings.

May we make fresh resolutions for the new year ahead, to take our Sadhana practice even more seriously and to uplift others. May we refocus on the essential, remembering the Vedantic vision of “Unity in Diversity” and remember we are all members of one human family. Being together and helping each other go through this difficult and challenging time is more important than ever. May we realize the importance of keeping the mind focused on the positive, remember our true nature and know all else is impermanent and occurs as the result of the collective karma.

We wish you all a luminous 2022. May it bring good health, inner expansion and much joy in service and practice.

With Om and Prem
Swami Kailasananda for the Acharyas of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres

Join us for our monthly Meditation for the Planet on Sunday January 2nd 2022 at 2pm CET. Check our websites for information.

Donations: With many of the International Sivananda Yoga Centres and Ashrams teaching online, finances are a concern, so if this is at all possible for you, your financial support would be very gratefully received by contacting any Ashram or Centre.

Time is the soul of the world. It is the richest treasure. Waste not even a second. – Sri Swami Sivananda

Upcoming Courses

2022 COVID Update:
Please check with each TTC/ATTC location whether COVID has affected your selected course.

The SIVANANDA YOGA Teachers’ Training Courses are available either online (TTCOL) or in residence, depending on the location. Please check with each TTC/ATTC location whether your selected Teacher Training Course is available online or in residence as some Ashrams have opened, while others remain closed. Thank you for your patience as schedules change during COVID.

To view all 2022 TTC/ATTC/SI courses on the Sivananda website:

See the full list of other international courses and events:

Time is life. Utilize time profitably in spiritual pursuits. – Sri Swami Sivananda

Raja Yoga

From Discourse I: “Samadhi Pada – On Contemplations”

‘… or by fixing the mind on one who has transcended human passions and

Another highly regarded object of meditation is a saint or sage who has attained liberation. A picture of an inspiring soul, such as Swami Sivananda, Buddha or Jesus may be kept on the altar or other place of meditation. He may be focused on either visually or mentally.

‘…or (by meditating upon) knowledge gained in dreams or deep sleep’.

Many times the Truth is revealed by the superconscious during sleep. Usually this information is forgotten, and is only utilized by the subconscious. But if that knowledge is meditated upon consciously, great progress can be made upon the path.

Be calm. Be cheerful. Be courageous. Be self-controlled. – Sri Swami Sivananda

Bhagavad Gita Quote

Chapter XV: The Yoga of The Supreme Spirit

V.11. Tatah padam tat parimaargitavyam Yasmin gataa na nivartanti bhooyah;
Tameva chaadyam purusham prapadye  Yatah pravrittih prasritaa puraanee.

Then that goal should be sought after, whither having gone none returns again. Seek refuge in that Primeval Purusha whence streamed forth the ancient activity or energy.

COMMENTARY: That which fills the whole world with the form of Satchidananda, is Purusha. That which sleeps in this city of the body is the Purusha. Single-minded devotion, which consists of ceaselessly remembering the Supreme Being, is the surest and most potent means of attaining Self-realization.

Always maintain serenity under all conditions and circumstances. – Sri Swami Sivananda

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Temperaments are different in individuals, but all individuals have to aim at the attainment of a common goal, the achievement of a common purpose, the One common Consciousness Brahman. – Sri Swami Sivananda


NIMITTA – Instrument; tool
NISHKAMYA – Selfless; without thinking of the results
Purify the Chitta by doing Nishkamya Karma for one year. Karma, according to the Gita, any action done with Nishkamya Bhava is Karma. Lord Krishna says: “Work incessantly. Your duty is to work but not to expect the fruits thereof.”

God is watching all your thoughts and movements. – Sri Swami Sivananda