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Sivananda World News: The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Zentrum, Berlin, Germany

Om Namah Sivaya. In early January 2022 the Berlin Centre was still closed for Christmas. Swami Gokulananda and Swami Mangalananda returned to the Centre recharged and inspired from the Retreat House in Reith. Unfortunately we could not open the Centre as planned, due to a positive Covid test of Swami Mangalananda. But all staff are well and we hope to be able to open soon.

As January continued Swami Mangalananda joined the Centre activities after a quarantine period and a negative test and was warmly welcomed by the other staff.  A Yoga 1, Yoga 3 and Yoga 4 started with motivated students. We had a Beginners’ Yoga intensive course. Karma Yogis supported us nicely with household and reception desk duties. A deep cleaning of the Berlin Centre started, bringing fresh energy for the start of the New Year. We concluded each week with an inspiring Satsang, once with the story about the Mosquitos and Bugs by Swami Sivananda.

Staff are all well. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Om Namah Sivaya. We are grateful to be able to offer daily yoga classes through Zoom. Please join us! We will wait for you! Any sum you can contribute will be grateful from the heart. You can contact us for any questions about practicing yoga at home through e-mail: [email protected] Call: 11 4804 7813.

Continue your practice from your home. For any queries do not hesitate to contact us. If changes or news arise, we will inform you. We salute you with a fervent desire for peace and health for all. We hope you are all well. Pranams. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Om Namah Sivaya to all Blessed Selves from the Chennai Centre. In early January we started an online prenatal class. On Wednesday we have successfully completed Weight-loss batch-2. The participants were happy with there results and  requested us for a follow -up course. Student numbers are gradually increasing in online open classes. The Tamil Nadu government on Monday decided to extend the COVID restrictions in the state till January 31 amid a massive surge in Omicron cases. The night curfew will continue in the state till 31 January. It will remain effective from 10 pm to 5am from Mondays to Saturdays.  Meanwhile, a total lockdown will be in force on Sundays. Currently we are working on new online programmes for the upcoming months. Sunday, we closed the Centre for the whole day suspending all activities.

Later in January we started morning a Beginners’ Yoga at the Centre with 4 students. Online open classes gradually picked up after the festive season. We planned to organize 108 Suryanamaskar on the coming Sunday. The student number at the Centre was still low, due to the sudden spike in COVID cases in our area, so we worked on the advertisements and promotions for the upcoming online courses. The Chennai Centre remained closed due to the complete lockdown.

Our India Centres and Ashrams are following MHA guidelines closely to ensure the safety and comfort of all. The continued practice of social distancing and limited class sizes are to meet these requirements. These guidelines will be posted in all our Centres and Ashrams. Please familiarize yourself with these safety precautions: MOH Guidelines for Yoga Institutions. We look forward to having you at the Centre and practicing together. We are also continuing online classes. Please visit for online classes.

All our staff are happy & doing their Sadhana practice. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Chicago, USA

Om Namah Sivaya from the Chicago Centre. We are grateful to the Gurus for continuing to protect and inspire our Sadhana. Join us online for courses, studies, Satsangs and yoga classes. Take good care! We wish you awareness of Guru’s Grace. Om and Prem.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta DÀ LAT Centre, Dà Lat, Vietnam

Om Namah Sivaya from the beautiful DaLat Centre. Thanks to Guru’s blessing, our Centre can keep the strong energy to serve the community. Dalat Centre was allowed to reopen at 50% capacity. We have received a small number of students back to offline asana classes. We continued to run online classes at the same time. All classes went well.

In January, despite the Covid situation in Dalat, the Centre was still able to stay open. We reopened online Gentle class. We celebrated our 8th anniversary with a Puja on Friday and an online Satsang with Swami Sita on Sunday. Shakti Chaitanya from Dalat Ashram came to support the Centre until the end of January. This week we’ll have Open House classes on Sunday. We’ll say goodbye to our former staff/resident Sankari who is going back home this Sunday.

As January progressed all classes continued. We had online Satsang with Swami Sita on Thursdays, as usual. We closed the Centre for 1 week of the Lunar New Year holiday. Harini travelled to the Dalat Ashram for self-quarantine before the holiday.

We did our best to keep our Sadhana strong and maintain energy. We pray for Guru’s grace and blessings. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta DWARKA Centre, Delhi, India

Om Namah Sivaya to all. Namaste to one and all. The Dwarka Centre’s activities went well in January we started with Beginners’ class batch morning 6 am and evening 6 pm, Open classes morning 6 am, 8 am and evening 4 pm, 6 pm, Kids class at 4 pm, and Private classes. All the classes are happening online since the Centre is closed because of the Delhi Government New Covid19 policy. The week is full of celebrations of Makar Sankranti and Pongal. The festival marks the day the sun transits into Makara Rashi or Capricorn zodiac. As per the solar calendar, it falls on 14 January every year. The festival also marks the end of winter and the beginning of a new harvest season. It has both seasonal and religious significance. Pongal, is also referred to as Thai Pongal, is a multi-day Hindu harvest festival celebrated in India and Sri Lanka. It is observed at the start of the month Tai according to the Tamil solar calendar, and this is typically about January 14. It is dedicated to the Hindu sun god, The Surya, and corresponds to Makar Sankranti, the harvest festival under many regional names celebrated throughout India. The three days of the Pongal festival are called Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, and Maattu Pongal. Some Tamils celebrate the fourth day of Pongal as Kaanum Pongal. Sunday evening Satsang and followed by aarti was done by our staffs.

By mid month classes continued with interested students who are comfortable practicing at home. There are more student inquiries about Advanced Pranayama, Meditation, Prenatal and Gentle classes. We planned to start these classes in the near future. Sunday evening Satsangs followed by Aarati were conducted by our staff. We waited for the government order to reopen the Centre, hoping for the best in the future.

Over the course of this pandemic, people around the world suffer and face hardship in many ways. As each new variant surfaces, new disruptions to public life are experienced and families and communities continue to grapple with fear, endangerment, and loss of life. In times of trouble and calamity in the world, our teacher Swami Vishnudevananda ji always prayed for the welfare of humanity.

May Master and Swamiji bless all in continuing on the yogic path. Pranams. Om.
We continued with our online classes, courses & programs. For details, please visit

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta NATARAJA Centre, Delhi, India

Greetings and Namaste from Sivananda Nataraja Centre. With the Grace of Gurus everything was fine at the Centre for January.

May Master and Swamiji bless and protect all while continuing on their yogic path. Please stay connected – Pranams to all. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

Om Namah Sivaya. Asana classes and Beginners’ Yoga courses continued in January. The Centre was well visited with students coming regularly. The Sunday positive thinking course ended. We held the last Satsang before the end of the year, well attended by the teachers.

With best wishes for health and peace. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Om Namah Sivaya. The Hochiminh Centre remained closed and continued teaching online classes.

In January we finished all online courses such as a Kriyas cleansing course, a Beginner Yoga course, an Ayurveda Beginner course and a Restorative Yoga course. The open classes and Satsang still continued even though the number of students went down because of preparation for the Tet Lunar New Year.  Staff and karma Yogi continued to do the deep cleaning throughout the Centre to create good sattvic prana for the welcoming of the new year. We welcomed back Ganga Chaitanya from 6 months away in Dalat Ashram and sent Daya Chaitanya to Dalat Ashram for a short period of the time. We pray for everyone’s health and inspiration to keep practicing and teaching!

May the Sivananda family worldwide be safe and continue the wonderful teachings in all ways possible. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, London, England

Om Namah Sivaya. In early January, the Centre was closed. Swami Jyotirmayananda returned recharged from Reith for the reopening of the Centre.
You can reserve your online yoga class or course via MindBody. For more information, please call us on +44 (0) 208 780 0160 or if would like to receive our daily newsletter.
May the Masters’ blessings and protection be with all of you, always. With best wishes for health and inner peace. Om Tat Sat. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Om Namo Narayanaya. In early January beautiful days allowed students to enjoy at least the morning yoga classes on the deck. It is a joy to interact with live students. We had two local students on retreat. Weekend programs included Yantra Painting and Hip Opening, both with some in-person and some online participants. These courses started: Yoga 1, Yoga 8, Pranayama 1, and Meditation 1. We were happy to see two of our New Year’s guests joining the online morning Satsangs. A Stress Relief counselling recipient from a year ago called for support. Mirabai worked on her SYHET practicum, teaching for Japan and leading Satsang for Japan plus keeping us well fed. Our days were full.

By mid January we felt the impressive energy of the new SYHET group working through their first module. Swami Sivasankariananda gave a Bhakti Yoga talk on fostering healthy relationships and another on Yamas in relation to desire. The exam and graduation from Module 1 seemed to come very fast. Swamiji spoke about boosting Prana at an online mindfulness program one Saturday, attended mostly by doctors. The connection came through a supporter, Bhanu. We offered a Yoga Nidra session online and started a 5-session sleep course. Our joyful 5-session Bhakti Yoga course ended. Recent TTC grad Abhaya arrived to do Siva Study for a couple of months at the Centre. We especially look forward to her support in teaching open classes.

We are grateful to humbly serve. May the Gurus guide us as our reach grows wider and wider. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madrid, Spain

Om Namah Sivaya, Blessed Selves! Welcome to the oasis of peace amid the pressures of everyday life in the city. The Sivananda Yoga Centre in Madrid is the place where you can recharge and reconnect with yourself.

In January several courses started including a hybrid meditation course with 19 participants. Students were happy to combine online and onsite asana classes since the COVID number was currently very high in Madrid. A beautiful inauguration ceremony was the start of the TTCOL with a small but very inspired group of Spanish speaking students. Sunday Satsangs became the highlight of each week with many new visitors: one week the chapter “The Mind” from Bliss Divine was read, and students were introduced to the basics of Kirtan chanting.

We are grateful to Master and Swamiji. Staff are well and sending our best wishes for health and peace. Pranams to all. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madurai, India

Om Namah Sivaya to all. Due to the unpredictability of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic situation we recommend you contact your local Centres and Ashrams directly for their latest update. Free online Yoga classes, courses and programs are always available during the Covid-19 pandemic. We look forward to having you at the Centre and practicing together. Please familiarize yourself with these safety precautions at We thank our Masters for all blessings and support bestowed. May all be blessed with equanimity and steadiness in practice. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Montevideo, Uruguay

Om Namah Sivaya from the Montevideo Centre.

We are happy to serve, love to all. We pray intensely for peace and harmony in this world. May the Grace of Gurudev and Swamiji be upon us all. Om Shanti. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Om Namah Sivaya and Greetings from the Montreal Centre! We have an extensive lineup of online classes. May God’s grace and the teachers’ blessings always remain with us and guide us into being of impeccable service to the people around the world. Pranams to all. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Munich, Germany

Om Namah Sivaya. January started with Munich staff still at the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House in Reith / Tyrol / Austria for the New Year Program. Recharged and inspired Swami Vidyananda and Swami Vasudevananda returned to Munich preparing the Centre for the opening on the following day.

By mid January we started a Yoga 1, Yoga 3 and a medium-level- course. We had a participant in the trial class who told us that he knew of the Munich Centre since its beginning in 1974. Now, after almost 50 years, he managed to come for a yoga class! We worked on the new Centre brochure.

We wish everyone health and inner strength. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, New York, USA

Om Namah Sivaya.

We send our blessings for all to stay healthy, positive and strong in Sadhana. Join us online for courses, studies, Satsangs and yoga classes. May Gurudev’s blessings continue to light our path. Om.

Centre de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta, Paris, France

Om Namah Sivaya. In early January the Paris Centre was happy to welcome the students, teachers and karma yogis after the Christmas holidays. The staff count grew, assuming new responsibilities. Gopala and Saraswati were in quarantine. Just before the start of his quarantine, Gopala gave an uplifting Satsang on the topic of adaptability. Vasishta was in charge of the Centre with the guidance of Swami Kailasananda and with the support of the staff, close teachers and karma yogis. He led the Om Namo Narayanaya chanting for peace and he coordinated the karma yogis and the staff. Vasishta started also to assist the asana classes feeling confident and happy. Kaivalya gave the public Satsang on the topic of Time. Vasishta gave Sunday’s Satsang on the topic of Love. Both from Bliss Divine. There was a Yoga for the Back workshop. A couple of Beginners’ Yoga courses continued and a new one started. The Masters keep sending precious help. Parvati was staff three days per week. She support all departments and took care of the webpage and many others office projects. Siddhartha arrived to support the staff for two weeks, in the rhythm of teaching, assisting reception, cooking and helping with many maintenance projects. Two karma yogis, specialists on gardening, guided the staff on how to take care of the inside and outside plants. Omkari put prana on the inventory. Everyone felt inspired and happy.

Mid January was uplifting with the visit of Swami Kailasananda and our Gurubais from Orleans. Swamiji gave an inspiring Satsang on “How to deal with the world” from a text of Swami Sivananda. Sarsawati gave a well appreciated Yoga and Anatomy workshop on the topic of  the psoas, with 8 participants. God gave us calm days. Parallel to the regular open classes there were several Beginners’ Yoga courses, a positive thinking course and a meditation course, all with small groups of motivated students. Gopala enjoyed giving the Satsangs on Wednesdays and Sundays on the topics of “Death” and “Ananda” from Bliss Divine and Swami Vishnudevananda’s Upadesha respectively. In the main asana hall the plants looked shiny, the Centre was happy to be able to welcome students, teachers and karma yogis.

We continued to chant daily online the Om Namo Narayanaya for peace chant. May Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda continue to guide and to inspire all of us. With all our wishes for health and peace. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel

Om Namah Sivaya. January started with Swami Hridyananda giving a beautiful Satsang on the subject of silence. Bhargavi Chaitanya and Pranava Chaitanya taught many open yoga classes and courses. Inspite the new COVID variant, the classes filled nicely. We felt now is a special time when people need yogic practice and teachings so much. We celebrated Narayan Jyoti birthday. He sang a beautiful bhajan and we had a wonderful cake with birthday presents.

Mid January Pranava Chaitanya opened a new yoga course and Bhargavi Chaitanya finished a positive thinking course. Some of the students continued with the “Thought Power” course. Sivakami Chaitanya cooked wonderful delicious meals. A pair of karma yogis, Dudu and Michal, came for few hours to take care of our garden. All the plants looked refreshed.

May the Master’s grace be with all. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Tokyo, Japan

Om Namah Sivaya. January started with the conclusion of the Winter break. Online asana classes and Satsangs have resumed. SYHET course started, for which ShantiDevi as a coordinator and many Karma yogis as translators and mentors joined to support. Our regular program Jyotish talk session navigated by Keiko was offered, joined by good number of students. An outlook of 2022 was reviewed from Jyotish standpoint with lots of conducive advice based on the outlook. New Yoga 1 course started on Saturdays, in which the students are enjoying a new journey.

By mid January an “experience session” was offered for those interested in taking the Online TTC to be held in March, in which Swami Adiparashaktianandaji gave a lecture on Anatomy of Breath, and many attendees experienced a taste of TTC. Following the experience session, a briefing session on TTC was given, in which the Q&A was made. The Module 1 of SYHET course was completed, for which the graduation ceremony was held. The students who joined from Japan as well as staff who had been engaging in translation support, coordination between the students and teachers, etc. are now relaxed after finishing a part of the course. We were grateful that we could help make various courses available in Japan. A Kirtan workshop was offered one Sunday. Daily online asana classes and Yoga 1 course went well.

May Master and Swamiji’s grace be with all. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Om Namah Sivaya. Right after the December holidays, the Toronto Centre had to suddenly close again as per new government Covid 19 restrictions. We moved some courses online and started a Gentle Yoga course and a Meditation course. All open classes were conducted online with Covid restrictions expected to stay until at least the end of January. Nalini returned from Japan. It was wonderful to see her again. We did Puja and Centre cleaning.

Mid January: The Toronto Centre remained closed. The government announced that hopefully at the end of January we would be allowed to reopen with capacity restrictions. A
Yoga 1 course and a Meditation course continued online as well as few other courses. All open classes were online. Toronto received 50 cm of snow and the whole city was shovelling and trying to clear the streets. We used the opportunity to go sledding and enjoy walks in the snow.

May Master and Swamiji’s blessings bring all good health and peace. May we continue to be useful for many. We send Om Namo Narayanaya to everyone. Pranams. Love to all. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Om Namah Sivaya. Greetings to all from Trivandrum Centre Kerala South of India. In January all went well with Guru’s grace. We started a new Beginners’ Yoga Course with good number of people. Open classes were filling as people arrived to the Centre with mind set to start their Yoga again with the beginning of a new year. Kids Classes returned with not yet many kids but hope full in the future. Aman and Ari Krishna arrived to the Centre, along with Chulbul, to manage while Yashpal went to the Ashram to help TTC. Sunday Satsang was led by Aman.

By mid month we started a Beginners’ Yoga course on Mondays. The number of students was reduced due to the rise of Covid restrictions by the govt after seeing the rapid spreading of Covid. Despite students wanting to keep up their practice at the Centre, they understood, the pandemic continues to be an ongoing problem and we have to live with it. Update: A complete lockdown was imposed during the third week in January plus a night curfew.

Praying for world peace – Om Namo Narayanaya.

Our thoughts are with you all and we pray that you keep well and positive during these challenging times. Keep up your Sadhana and prayer for one and all around in the planet. Please stay connected. Pranams to all from Trivandrum Centre Kerala South of India. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Vienna, Austria

Om Namah Sivaya. Participation in our on-site yoga classes and evening meditations is possible if you have been tested, vaccinated or recovered, please bring proof with you. We continue to offer an extensive online and live schedule.

In early January we saw after supporting the Retreat House in Reith for the time of the lockdown and the Christmas holidays the staff on Friday returned to Vienna to reopen the Centre. On Saturday a Yoga 1 weekend course started with many students, all eager to start the New Year with practicing Yoga. Also the Satsangs were well visited, students and teachers are happy that the Centre is open again. Online classes are continuing, students are enthusiastically participating in the Satsangs, classes and courses. Teachers support us with translating online-activities.

Mid January: Slowly the student count increased. The students were happy to return to the Centre to continue their practice. The Yoga 125 started and also a Yoga 4 and a Yoga 2 Beginners course. Drop In classes were moderately attended. The trial class was well visited. The Open House planned did not happen due to the present CoVId- situation in Vienna. Staff continued with their online activities in teaching, hosting and preparing translators for the coming online activities.

Staff are well. We wish everyone health and inner strength. OM.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Vilnuis, Lithuania

Om Namah Sivaya. We were very glad that the Vilnius Centre could function, that new students could arrive and previous students and teachers could return to Yoga in January. Regular classes continued with quite a good amount of the students coming having in mind that it was still a holiday time. We were focused on preparing and announcing upcoming programmes and step by step starting preparing the promotion and organizing the TTC in Lithuania 2022, July.

By mid January all yoga classes beginners continued successfully. We finally created the TTC Lithuania July website with a lot of attractive photos and immediately the prana moved – two people immediately registering. A significant event began: TTC OL in Reith. One sincere student from Lithuania participated with Durga Devi serving as her mentor. Durga Devi will also teach several asana classes to Russians from faraway Siberia. We were very happy to be one team – Shankari, Rajeshwari, Durga, Gauri Devi though staying in different countries – Germany, Luxembourg, Russia and Israel respectively – to communicate, share experiences, discuss classes, take the classes with the students and be in the wonderful energy of TTC.

We are very grateful to the teachers, who support the Centre so well. OM.

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Replace doubts with Satsanga, company of those with no doubts. – Sri Swami Sivananda


The Vedantic Kumbhaka in Pranayama

Being without any distraction and with a calm mind, one should practice Pranayama. Both expiration and inspiration should be stopped. The practitioner should depend solely on Brahman; that is the highest aim of life. The giving out of all external objects, is said to be Rechaka. The taking in of the spiritual knowledge of Sastras, is said to be Puraka, and the keeping to oneself of such knowledge is said to be Kumbhaka. He is an emancipated person who practises his Chitta thus. There is no doubt about it. Through Kumbhaka the mind should always be taken up and through Kumbhaka alone it should be filled up within. It is only through Kumbhaka that Kumbhaka should be firmly mastered. Within it, is ‘Parama Siva’. At first in his Brahmagranthi there is produced soon a hole or passage. Then having pierced Brahmagranthi, he pierces Vishnugranthi, then he pierces Rudragranthi, then the Yogin attains his liberation through the religious ceremonies, performed in various births, through the grace of Gurus and Devatas and through the practice of Yoga.

Sharpen the intellect. Thin out the ego. Purify the mind. – Sri Swami Sivananda