Sivananda Yoga FAQ

Q1: How does the power of concentration increase?

A: Concentration increases by curtailing your wants and desires, by observing Mouna for two hours daily, by remaining in seclusion in a quiet room for one or two hours daily, by practicing Pranayam, by prayer, by increasing the number of sittings in meditation in the evening and at night, by Vichar, etc.

Q2: Since you are an advocate of equality and your teachings do not take into consideration class distinctions, are you in sympathy with communism?

A: I have nothing to do with politics. I do not believe that religion or religious teachings should have anything to do with politics. I advocate equal vision in the sense that the One Reality dwells equally in all beings. Names and forms are changing phenomena. Spirit alone is. In a relative sense, the whole humanity is the family of God; there is no high or low in His eyes. As such, a spiritual man’s attitude should not be narrowed down by any kind of distinction, be it of class, religion, caste or colour.

Q3: Are there fulfilled prophecies in the Hindu scriptures?

A: The Lord has given His ever-standing promise that He would appear on earth whenever there is a danger to Dharma, whenever Adharma tries to vanquish Dharma. To fulfill that promise He has appeared many times in the form of saints and sages who have protected Dharma from decay and from the onslaughts of foreign oppression. They have instilled new elements of vigour and perspective in Hinduism. Therefore, Hinduism continues to flourish. Whenever there is a necessity, saints and sages will emerge, not from the heavens, but from among the people themselves. Hinduism does not believe exclusively in one prophet. The prophecies given in the Puranas about the state of affairs to come have also proved true.

Serve all. Behold the Self in all. – Sri Swami Sivananda

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10 New Moon
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24 Full Moon (Guru Poornima)

Love knows no reward. Love unconditionally. – Sri Swami Sivananda


ADHARMA – against Dharma, that what ought not be done.
That which elevates you and brings you nearer to God is Dharma. That which takes you down and away from God is Adharma. That which is done in strict accordance with the injunctions of the Sastras is right (Dharma), and that which is done against the injunctions of the Sastras is wrong (Adharma). This is one way of defining these terms.
To work in accordance with the Divine Will is right (Dharma); to work in opposition to the Divine Will is wrong (Adharma).

When you love God, you love everything. – Sri Swami Sivananda