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Sivananda Yoga FAQ

Q 1: What is the need to attain Moksha, Swamiji?

A: To understand this you should resort to Satsang and study of scriptures. An intellect that is clouded by all sorts of desires and evil Samskaras will not be able to grasp even the need for Moksha. Such an intellect is Asuric. Read the Gita. Attend Satsang. Listen to the discourses of saints and Sannyasins. Then Viveka will arise in you. You will understand that this world is full of pain and sorrow. The bungalow, the motor-car, the little position and the small salary that you are having now will not then satisfy you. Your aspirations will grow. You will want to liberate yourself. What great labour goes into the preparation of the microscope lens? After a lot of grinding only you are able to peep into the beyond. Similarly, after a lot of study and Satsang only will your intellect even think of the Beyond.

Q 2: How does the Yogi see the subtle rudiments of matter with his Yogic vision?

How does the Yogi see the subtle rudiments of matter with his Yogic visionAs you would see the material objects with the help of a material instrument in the form of the eye, the Yogi would see subtler objects through the help of subtler instruments. Except in the plane of intuition, in all other lower planes, there exists a subject-object relationship as far as cognition is concerned. The only thing is: the instrument used in perceiving the object should be of the same material of which the object of perception is made. For further grasping of the exact vision of the Yogi, you yourself should become one.

Q 3: I took Sannyasa recently. Can I have a Parivrajaka life or should I live in seclusion?

A: For a new student of Sannyasa, strict seclusion for six years with intense Sadhana is essential. It depends upon the condition of your mind. In Parivrajaka life, you cannot have regular and systematic Sadhana. There is distraction everywhere. For some years you should be away from the sensual objects. Strict seclusion will bring immense benefit. Once in a year, for a few days, you can go to a place for change of climate. If you find that you are entering into Tamas, you should combine active service. For a beginner, Nishkama Karma for two or three years will prove good. Then strict seclusion. Occasionally you can have a Parivrajaka life for a few days to test the strength of your mind.

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All diseases take their origin in the mind. Treat the mind first. Physical diseases will disappear by themselves. – Sri Swami Sivananda

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Anushthana is the systematic practice of Japa, worship and Swadhyaya. Anushthana is concentrated spiritual practice. Full-time aspirants devote 12 to 16 hours per day, when they perform Anushthana for the practice of Japa Yoga. This is meant for quick spiritual progress, to have control over the mind and senses and for acquiring Asana Jaya. One who performs Anushthana for 21 days, 40 days or ten days or even one week will have great peace of mind and satisfaction.

If you want God, you must turn your back to worldly enjoyments. – Sri Swami Sivananda

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