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Sivananda Yoga FAQ

Q 1:  Will there be continuity of consciousness during suspension of breath?

A: Hari Singh was a Hatha Yogi. He was buried underneath the ground in a box for three months in Ranjit Singh’s court. He came back with life when the box was opened. Hatha Yogis block the Talu Chakra, the posterior nasal openings, with their elongated tongue that is obtained through Bahir Kechari Mudra Kriya of Chalan (moving the tongue frequently), Doshan (dragging the tongue with butter) and Chedan (cutting the frenulum lingua that is underneath the tongue). They drink slowly the nectar that dribbles from the Sahasrara Chakra through the opening in the palate. This instance of Hari Singh clearly indicates that the real “I” is entirely distinct from Prana. In spite of the suspension of breath, Hari Singh had continuity of consciousness.

Q 2:  If we are tools in the hands of God, are not men free?

A: Man becomes free only when his individual will becomes merged in the Divine Will. Licentiousness and autocracy must not be mistaken for spiritual freedom. By becoming a tool (Nimitta) in the hands of God, the Bhakta destroys the egoism or the little false ‘I’, but gains all the Divine Aisvarya or the Siddhis of the Lord. He becomes perfectly free. He has become one with God now.

Q 3: How to get rid of desires?

A: Develop Viveka or the power of discrimination. Brahman is real. The world is unreal. There is no Vasana or desire in Brahman. The desire is in the mind. Make Vichara. All desires will dwindle into nothing. Mark the Doshas in the objects. The objects are Asat, Jada, Duhkha, impure. Develop burning Mumukshutva. This strong desire for Self-realization will destroy all other worldly desires. Control the Indriyas also. Develop Vairagya. Give up objects. This is Tyaga. All desires will melt away.

Laughter comes from stimulation, but a smile comes from inner peacefulness. – Sri Swami Sivananda

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Ten Reasons to take the Sivananda Yoga Teachers Training Course

In simple words, here’s why you should take the Sivananda TTC in 2016:

  1. Your asana practice will deepen and evolve.
  2. You will discover your spiritual identity.
  3. You will have more energy than ever before and learn how to recharge your vital energy.
  4. Your aches and pains will disappear as your body becomes more limber.
  5. You will become resilient and strong in stressful situations.
  6. You will be more contented with life, feeling more fulfilled and satisfied.
  7. You will redefine the meaning of happiness and success.
  8. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle will come naturally.
  9. You will learn the steps to attaining peace of mind and how to trace them back when life gets confusing.
  10. You will join a strong, worldwide lineage of Sivananda Yoga Teachers.

God does everything for your own good. Later on you will know this. Be patient. – Sri Swami Sivananda