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Gurugram July 2019 | Preface

Blessed Self,

Om Namah Sivaya

Greetings from the Sivananda Ashram Headquarters Val Morin where the much anticipated summer program is now in full swing.

We are happy to report the many 5thAnnual International Yoga Day (2019) programs were conducted successfully by the Sivananda Ashrams and Yoga Centres around the world. The Sivananda staff served all activities tirelessly and happily, both inside the Ashrams and Centres and in outreach programs in city parks, schools, governments and institutions. The energy was high. The message was well received. All events on 21stof June, and the weekend to follow, reported having hundreds of participants, creating much success in the mission of sharing Yoga and spreading the teachings of Yoga, in the spirit of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda.

In India, an interview with Prahlada-ji and Khabar Fast TV channel was released on International Yoga Day. Link:

In New York, an important interactive panel discussion took place at the United Nations Headquarters on “Yoga for Climate Action”. Link: international-day-of-yoga-yoga-4-climate-action/6050891138001/?term= 

In Paris, an International Yoga Day 2019 yoga class was taught at the Eiffel Tower.

Kindly visit each Ashram and Centre’s IYD reports in the SIVANANDA WORLD NEWSsection at the bottom of this GURUGRAM.

Speaking of videos, take a look at this recently completed inspiring video of the Meenakshi Ashram, near Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. This favourite Ashram of many is nestled within the beautiful forests of South India, backdropped by the impressive Western Ghat mountain range. The Meenakshi Madurai Ashram is home to many TTCs, ATTCs and Yoga Vacation programs every year. Link:

Other news, the main Sivananda Organization website –– is sporting a new beautiful design, with elegant looking newsletters and quotes; schedules and most importantly, the ability to apply for Teacher Training Courses online.

It is through your continued support, Sivananda teachers are able to share Swami Vishnudevananda’s mission. We strive to do so without compromising the authenticity of the message, carrying the same devotion and dedication as Swamiji.

May Master and Swamiji’s grace guide us in all ways. Pranams to all.

The mind is responsible for the feelings of pleasure and pain. Control of the mind is the highest Yoga.- Sri Swami Sivananda

Upcoming Courses

Jul 13 – Aug 10/19
TTC – English 中文
Việt Da Lat, Vietnam

Jul 21 – Aug 17/19
TTC – English
Netala, Uttar Kashi, Himalayas, North India

Jul 28 – Aug 25/19
TTC – English, Deutsch
Tyrol, Austria

Jul 28 – Aug 25/19
TTC – Français
Orleans, France

Jul 31 – Aug 28/19
TTC – English
Woodbourne, NY, USA

Aug 31 – Sep 28/19
TTC – English
London, England

Sep 01 – Sep 29/19
TTC – English, Deutsch
Reith, Tyrol, Austria

Sep 07 – Oct 05/19
TTC – English, 中文
Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Sep 08 – Oct 05/19
TTC – English
Netala, Uttar Kashi, Himalayas, North India

Sep 29 – Oct 27/19
TTC – English, 日本語, ภาษาไทย
Phu Chaisai, Chiang Ria, Thailand

2019 TTC courses can be viewed here on the NEW Sivananda website.

See the full list of other international courses and events:

Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself. – Sri Swami Sivananda

Raja Yoga

Chapter I: “Samadhi Pada – On Contemplations”


‘Verbal delusion is caused by the identification with words that have no basis in reality.’


Overreaction to words and jumping to conclusions are weaknesses of the mind.  The vrittis, thought waves, must be restrained not only during meditation but at all times.  One must be particularly wary of praise, for this too is verbal delusion, and the ego is ever ready to pounce on any opportunity to see itself as better or different from others.  Not everyone is going to feel the same way as one who bestows a compliment.  Inevitably the pendulum swings in the other direction, and criticism will be heard sooner or later.  But happiness should not rest on praise or abuse, for in all conditions, the only reality is the Self which is beyond qualities and beyond change.

The Catholics and Protestants quarrel in Ireland; Jews and Arabs fight in the Middle East.

In all parts of the world there are those who see themselves as different from others, rather than as one. Unable to control their thought waves, they are swayed by words that instigate action, which invariably leads to reaction.  A strong mind will not be affected in this way.  The weaker a person is, the less restraint he has over verbal delusion. Examine yourself the next time you are angry or miserable.  Reason it out, and note the modifications of the mind.  Gaining freedom from verbal delusion is essential for progress in meditation as well as for strengthening the mind.

Another example: A great Hindu holy man was once insulted in front of his disciples by a non-believer who spat upon his face several times. Not one muscle twitched, nor did his calm facial expression change, because he did not identify with his physical sheath. His mind was centered in God.

Can you imagine the strength of that mind? Swami Sivananda prostrated before that man who tried to kill him, and Jesus forgave those who crucified him. No matter what was done to them, they responded with one thought, that of pure love. A true master will not react in anger, for to him insult and praise are the same. Restraint of thought waves does not mean suppression. Suppression dams up violent emotions. For various reasons, people suffer abuse, suppressing anger or pain by smiling and carrying a stiff upper lip. The restrained thought waves must be given an outlet. They must be sublimated and channeled into such uplifting activities as Mantra repetition, exercise, singing and meditation on opposite, positive thoughts. Exchange love for anger and joy for sorrow.

Keep a fixed time each day for study of scriptures (Svadhaya). Study thoroughly and unhurriedly with an alert mind and without interruption. – Sri Swami Sivananda

Bhagavad Gita Quote

Chapter X: The Yoga of Divine Manifestations


 (Krishna speaking to Arjuna)

The seven great sages, the ancient four and also the Manus, possessed of powers like Me (on account of their minds being fixed on Me), were born of (My) mind; from them are these creatures born in this world. 


He who in truth knows these manifold manifestations of My Being and (this) Yoga-power of Mine, becomes established in the unshakeable Yoga; there is no doubt about it.

 Thoughts must agree with your word and word with your deed. This will transform you into divinity. – Sri Swami Sivananda

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Spiritual Calendar

JULY 2019

02 New Moon
06 Kavadi Flag Hoisting
09 Subramanya Ayyappa Temple anniversary
11 Krishna Temple Anniversary
12 Ekadasi
14 Masters Mahasamadhi
16 Full Moon (Guru Poornima)
21 Kaavadi Chariot Festival
28 Ekadasi

AUGUST 2019 

01 New Moon
11 Ekadasi
15 Full Moon
23 Sri Krishna Jayanti
26 Ekadasi
30 New Moon

The enjoyments of the senses are transient and the senses themselves are worn out by too much enjoyment. – Sri Swami Sivananda


INDRIYAS –  The senses.

The Indriyas (senses) have two states, static and dynamic. When the desire begins to operate, the Indriyas are put in motion. This is the dynamic state. As soon as the desire is gratified, the Indriyas shrink through Tripti (satisfaction). This is the static or passive state of the Indriyas.

The Mind and Indriyas are one. Indriya is a prolongation of the mind. The sea is fed by the rivers; the sea cannot exist without the rivers. Even so, mind is fed by Indriyas and cannot exist without Indriyas. If you have controlled the Indriyas, you have already controlled the mind.

Eyes can only see. Ears can only hear. Tongue can only taste. Skin can only touch. Nose can only smell. But, the mind can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Mind is the common sensory. The five senses are blended there. It can directly see, hear, smell, taste and feel independent of the senses. It is an aggregate of the five senses. All the sense-faculties are blended in the mind. You can see and hear directly through the mind by Yogic practice (clairvoyance and clairaudience).

Vasikaran – In this highest stage of Vairagya, the objects no longer tempt you. They cause no attraction. The Indriyas are perfectly quiet. Mind also is free from likes and dislikes (raga and dwesha). Then you get supremacy or independence. Now you are conscious of your supremacy.

Kaivalya (perfect independence) is when the Indriyas are drawn into the mind, the mind into the Mahat, and the Mahat into the Purusha. – Sri Swami Sivananda

Let prayer come from the bottom of your heart.- Sri Swami Sivananda