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Sivananda World News: The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashrams

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Camp, Val Morin, Quebec, Canada

Om Namah Sivaya. Early September was a quiet. In the evenings we chanted Bhagavad Gita and Lalita Sahasranama. We had a very beautiful celebration for Master’s birthday outside, by Master and Swamiji statues. A beautiful Puja was performed by Swami Vashishtananda, accompanied by many kirtans. Garlands of fresh flowers were placed on the Master’s statue. At the end of Puja, we all could taste delicious prasads prepared by staff and devotees. Ashram staff received a nice group of students for the retreat “Mind, Its Mysteries and Control – The Path of Raja Yoga”. Students benefited from asana classes, Satsangs, silent walk and lecture. The staff went to Lake Monroe in the National Parc of Tremblant. We said goodbye to some of the staff who helped during the summer. They were grateful to have the opportunity to continue learning on this path of Service and Sadhana.

By mid September the Ashram had two programs going side by side. “Deepen Your Yoga Practice” – a one week retreat focused on basic principles of yoga directing more attention into deepening the practice of asanas. One weekend retreat we had an asana workshop in which students could have personal coaching for different points in asanas and pranayama. At the same time, we held an Ayurvedic Nutrition Certificate Course with Dr. Sonal Bhat. She gave five days of informational and practical workshops. There were cooking classes every day, with emphasis on healing properties of herbs and spices in the food. Students learned many simple recipes to cook and to start to apply basic Ayurvedic principles in their lives. Swami Rajeshwarananda went to the Montreal Yoga Centre for several days to help and to support the Centre, as well as introduce teachings of Yoga and Meditation with different activities. Atmaram went to the Montreal Centre and gave a well appreciated Satsang to a nice group of students. We received inscriptions for the November Teachers Training Course and continue to receive many registrations for different guest programs.

We held an inspiring retreat, focusing on Yoga and Vitality. Asana classes, lectures, Satsangs and silent walks took place during the whole week and guests helped as well very nicely with karma yoga tasks for an hour per day. Spirit at the Ashram remained uplifted as staff kept busy taking care of guests and different tasks in boutique, office, kitchen, maintenance and gardens.

Staff are well and are inspired to continue with their service and Sadhana. Staff send love and peace to all and everyone. May Blessing of our Teachers be always upon us all. OM and Prem.

Sivananda Dhanwanthari Ashram, Neyyar Dam, Kerala, India

Om Namah Sivaya to all. Greetings from Kerala, India. In September the Ashram experienced heavy rain at times but they didn’t affect the silent walks or dampen spirits. Dr Vishnu left for Onam and then travelled to Jordan for Ayurveda workshops and consultations.  Nataraj gave a couple of talks on the Yoga Sutras in the Satsangs to cover some of the YCB syllabus.  The group photos for both TTC and Sadhana Mandalam were taken.  The Sadhana Mandalam had a good walk to the Mahadeva Temple an hour or so away (by foot) to make up for having no jungle trip this year.  Bhagavad Gita chanting took place on Ekadasi.  The TTC students appreciated their last asana classes and the advanced pranayama classes.  Thiru Onam was celebrated (the main Onam celebration day) so the night before some staff and students did a beautiful pukollam, a flower design with the greeting Happy Onam.  And as it was Swami Sivananda’s birth anniversary, they also created Om Sri Gurubhyo Namah in flowers. The Ashram was very busy.  The 8th day of September started with all participating in Abhishekam for Master’s birth anniversary.  The Puja was conducted by Suresh with Swami Janardhanananda chanting Purusha Suktam, Narayana Suktam and Sri Suktam. There was also devotional Kirtan, Shanti mantras and recitation of 108 names, leaving everyone inspired.  As it was Thiru Onam, it was also Swami Sivasaranananda, Swami Vishnudevananda’s mother’s birthday.  For this Om Namo Narayanaya was chanted at her Samadhi shrine whilst a small Puja was conducted at 10 am.  A serving of the celebratory meal was offered, and then only everyone sat down to enjoy their lunch from banana leaves as is traditional for Onam but on this occasion for Swami Sivananda and Swami Sivasaranananda’s birthdays in addition.  It was also the last day of Gita class, so Gita Arati was conducted and prasad offered along with kirtan and a little dancing.  The students studied well and all passed their TTC exams.  A good number also sat the YCB written exam and practicals; unfortunately, not all quite so successfully.  The graduation, unfortunately, turned into a very simple affair due to the sudden death of one of the students in the evening.   The usual Satsang was replaced with a lot of Om Namo Narayanaya chanting and Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra chanting to help the students, guests and staff manage their emotions, as well as for the smooth onward journey of the departed.  Anoop, Parvathy and Aadiyar left along with Vignesh, as did most of the students throughout the day.  We prayed that with Master and Swamiji’s blessings, the new graduates may continue in regular practice and share the teachings for the well-being of all.

In mid September the remnants of the first monsoon were finally over with the climate becoming distinctly more sunny and hot.  There was an increase in bird song – we were blessed to have hornbills and drongos in addition to the crows, babblers and minars. We heard a peacock several times which is unusual at Neyyar Dam.  The Adapted Sivananda Yoga Course started. Although it is online with people from various parts of the world attending, there was a group consisting of our STIC students and a few staff attending from Neyyar Dam.  It was conducted by Padmini from USA with A&P classes from Nataraj.  Most of the SIYVAM students dispersed for internships at the branches throughout India, however, two settled into new duties at Neyyar Dam. Kalesh, Rachana and Jhanvi left for holiday at home in north Kerala.  Swami Gayatri left for Madurai with Balachandran for a statue installation. She then travelled to Uttarkashi along with Suresh and family, and Satya who left the following day.  A new batch of YV guests arrived. Swami Janardhanananda returned from some visiting and commenced some Ayurveda treatment.  Mangala Chaitanya was given the opportunity to give the initial talks with feedback from Nataraj, before going home to Columbia for a new visa.  Radha teacher was visited in hospital by Swami Janardhanananda, Nataraj and Kalyani as she is very sick.  Swamiji put her in charge of the nursery school which was established down the road from the Ashram back in the 1990s.  We pray to Master and Swamiji that her suffering will not be long.

Swami Gayatriananda, Suresh, Satya and a few other staff travelled to Netala to immerse Swami Mahadevananda ji’s ashes in the Ganga. On the same day, we consecrated a small memorial in the Ashram for Swamiji. The online Adapted Sivananda Yoga Course conducted by Padmini with thirty students came to a close after ten days . We were very impressed by the student dedicated participation throughout the course despite different time zones. Students in Europe had to join at 3.30 am! Kalyani travelled to visit her family in the UK. Mangala Chaitanya returned to her native Columbia for visa purposes. Rohini started working from home for the next six months. Dr Vishnu and Arjun returned from a successful ten-day Ayurveda program in Jordan. Puja returned from Chennai. One of the Ashram priests left due to health reasons. Saju took over the lakeside Temple duty. Online classes ran smoothly with open classes twice a day, advanced classes on weekends and children’s classes three times a week.

We thank Master and Swamiji for these opportunities to learn, serve and grow. We pray for peace for all. May all be blessed. All of us send our Pranams. Om.

Sivananda Ashram, Netala, Uttarkashi, Himalayas, North India

Om Namo Narayanaya from Uttar Kashi. Namaste. In early September the Ashram was busy with the preparations of upcoming course with focus on deep cleaning the Ashram and premises. Students and staffs started to arrive for the 5th TTC course of the season. 40 aspiring yogis were initiated into the spiritual journey of teachings of our Masters and Gurus. We had a Ganapathi Homa asking for blessings from Ganesha, the remover of obstacles to have his guidance upon all of us throughout.

By mid September the current TTC course completed its first week with the students being introduced to Philosophy, Hatha Yoga, Bhagavad Gita and Chanting starting with basics of each subject. Though the schedule was tightly packed students slipped into the routine with ease imparted by Swamiji’s teachings. They visited Gangotri and Swami Vishnudevananda ji’s cave inspiring them more in their spiritual journey. It was raining here which is not very usual during this time of the year, resulting in mild landslides. Swami Gayathriananda, Suresh ji and group reached the Ashram travelling from Kerala. The TTC began their teaching groups and commenced Anatomy and Physiology classes giving them more clarity about the physicality of practices especially the asanas and it’s benefits. We had a special Puja as part of Swami Mahadevananda ji’s ash immersion in the Ganges. It was done at the same place as Swami Vishnudevananda ji’s Jala Samadhi. The rituals were also attended online by few people.

Our thoughts are with you all and we pray that you keep well and positive during these challenging times. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

Om Namo Narayanaya. Namaste from Madurai. Early September was pretty eventful with lots of celebrations. Swami Sivananda ji’s birth anniversary, Sivasaranananda Matha ji’s birthday and Thiruvonam day. Contrary to the routine, staffs prepared chappathi, the flattened bread for brunch. Yoga Vacationers enjoyed their Sadhana practices revelling in the beauty of nature. Few more guests joined the Ashram, starting their spiritual journey with Swamiji’s teachings.

Mid September we welcomed Swami Gayathriananda ji from Neyyar Dam along with Balaji. She came to attend the installation of statues in our Vishnu Hall made possible through her generous donation for the same. The installation ceremony started with a Ganapathi Homa shortly followed by Vastu Puja. Then the priest made arrangements for the Shuddhi Kalasha Puja, the purification process with Abhishekam and dressing up of the statues. While the ceremony was happening the Peace Mantra ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ chanting and the gathering tremendously brought up the energy levels. Now 10 statues have been installed giving the Satsang hall a whole new facelift.

May all of us be guided well by the blessings and grace of our Masters and Gurus. Sending Prem and Om to all from our family of guests, students and staffs. Om.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch Colony, Woodburne, NY, USA

Om Namah Sivaya from the Ranch. We thank Master and Swamiji for the blessing of opportunities to share the teachings and to help wider circles find good health and peace of mind. May Masters’ Blessings and Gurus Grace be with us all. Pranams from the rolling mountains of New York State. Om.‎

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, California, USA

Om Namah Sivaya. In early September the Ashram celebrated Swami Sivananda’s birthday with stories of Swami Sivananda’s life and teachings with Swami Sitaramananda for the International Satsang with students attending online from US, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan. Staff led Akhanda Kirtan and concluded with Guru Puja to Swami Sivananda in the evening in Radha Krishna Hall. The next morning we also concluded our Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations with all staff visiting the serene Yuba River early in the morning to offer their clay Ganeshas back to the river, repeating mantra to Lord Ganesha. Swami Pranavananda taught the 5-day Beginner course, sharing the 5 Points of Yoga teachings and introducing students to Yoga Life. All were first time to the Ashram and greatly appreciating the beauty and energy of the Ashram. Niranjan Babu offered the online Intro to Vastu Shastra weekend course with students learning the fundamentals of working with environment and space to create positive energy in one’s life. Niranjan Babu-ji has also given much Vastu guidance to strengthen the Ashram energy. The very hot weather has passed and now we have cooler days with a hint of fall in the air. The new garden fence project was underway and revamp of the Ayurveda Massage hut and Consult hut were completed. Daily Pujas and Arati took place at the temples and shrines. Many new staff and karma yogis arrived bringing fresh energy to the Ashram.

By mid September the Ashram welcomed guests for the Ayurveda Detox Rejuvenation Retreat led by the Ayurveda team of Mahalakshmi (cooking/gentle asana class), Mahadevika (therapies), and Anandamayi (cooking/adapted yoga class). We were joined by Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar who gave daily talks on Ayurveda for Health and offered Ayurvedic consultations to guests and staff. The guests had a complete program of Satsang, gentle asana practice, meals of kitcheree and greens for detoxification, Ayurveda teas, walks in nature, along with their therapies and consultations. Swami Sitaramananda led the weekly International Satsang on the topic of “Resolving Karmic Conflicts” and additionally taught a 3-hour class online to students in Russia on “Rahu-Ketu Karmic Axis and Remedial Measures”. Swami Hamsananda led the 5-day Positive Thinking course with teachings on “What is Thought?”, Techniques for changing negative to positive thoughts, and how to set intentions to cultivate the positive thoughts and virtues that we seek. We welcomed the director of the Hanoi, Vietnam Centre, Sivakami Chaitanya to the Ashram to stay for the next 2 months, assisting Swamiji. The first rain of the season arrived unusually early to bring relief to the landscape and to help with the wildfires nearby.

We had a Meditation course with Swami Hamsananda who taught to staff about the techniques for meditation, why meditate, 3 levels of the mind.  Morning Satsangs were led by Swami Sitaramananda who gave talks on Meditation, mantras, and the mind. We had an Ayurveda Massage Rejuvenation retreat led by Sivakami Chaitanya and Mahadevika.  Sivakami Chaitanya gave talks on proper diet, 3 doshas, and 6 tastes.  We also had a visit from Dr. Marc Halpern who gave a Satsang talk on Agni, the digestive fire. We said goodbye to Swami Dharmananda who flew to Vietnam to be there for 2 months, helping with the Sivananda Yoga Health Educator course and also to Swami Pranavananda, who flew to Los Angeles to help with Navaratri. We also said goodbye to Umarani and Niranjan Babu, Vastu master who visited all staff and guests accommodations and gave helpful advice to facilitate energy flow for health, harmony, and prosperity. They stayed us for 3 weeks, visiting from India.  We celebrated the birthday of Niranjan Babu at Maha Lakshmi’s Kutir, a vastu house built on Ashram property, with a classical south Indian feast. Projects on the Ashram continued as the weather cooled down, with building of the new Garden Fence, moving the Lakshmi shrine at Durga Temple, harvesting the lavender to make essential oils and making a new gate at Swamiji’s house.  Staff and swamis keep up with the Pujas and Aratis at all our 9 shrines on the property.

We are grateful for this opportunity to serve. May all feel Master and Swamiji’s blessings. Om.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Nassau, Bahamas

Om Namo Narayanaya, Blessed Selves. September 2022 in the Bahamas: We celebrated the anniversary of Swami Sivananda’s birthday with a series of Satsangs focused on the life and teachings of our paramguru, Swami Sivananda. Akhanda Kirtan was held in the main temple from morning until evening. Following the Akhanda Kirtan, we had a Puja in honour of Swami Sivananda. Workshops included a series of deep relaxation sessions, the practice of the Yogic diet, likhita japa, and a kirtan. The online community continues to remain engaged with the Satsang live streams, as well as online courses on the Bhagavad Gita, meditation, Vedanta, and Hatha Yoga.

We continued to enjoy the quiet summer. The vacationers were very dedicated to attending the workshops and Satsangs, and the karma yogis were very dedicated in their service, bhakti, and Sadhana. We celebrated the birthday of Swami Paramananda with an exquisite chocolate-peanut butter cake, gifts, and a reading from the Sivananda Upanishad. We bade farewell to Bharata and Iswara Chaitanya; Bharata returned to Canada to continue teaching yoga and supporting the Ashram’s technical systems from afar and Iswara went to Israel to begin his new life as a philosopher and software developer. Gopi and Omkar, who had been giving dedicated service in the kitchen and the Temple, respectively, also left the Ashram.

May all be well and may this be an opportunity to turn inward to that which is eternal and ever-free. Om Shanti. Om.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat House, Reith or Mittersill, Tyrol, Austria

Om Namah Sivaya. In early September the TTC and ATTC groups went into their daily schedule and where introduced into the karma yoga activities. The focus of the guest program was vitality as an expression of good health. They had the possibility to get a personal asana coaching. Guests TTCs and ATTCs could enjoy some nice meditative morning walks. Shanti Kumar Kamlesh from Lucknow, India arrived to the Ashram. His Ayurveda program “The Joy of Healthy Cooking” started with a lecture for guest, TTC and ATTC. We celebrated Swami Sivanandas birthday with a Puja. The following online Satsang was shared with the Ashram in Orleans.

By mid September we all enjoyed one highlight – the Ayurveda cooking class with Dr. Kamlesh in the Ganga Garden. Guest, TTCs and ATTCs enjoyed several silent walks in the morning. The guests did an outing to the beautiful waterfall near Kitzbühel. Under the topic “In peace lies strength” they had more meditative asana classes and lectures on meditation and mantras. The TTC group started the study of anatomy. The ATTCs began the Sanskrit classes. Dr. Kamlesh returned to India.

May Master and Swamiji bless all the efforts to follow the teachings. We send greetings to all and pray that all remain healthy and safe. OM.

Sivananda Ashram Chateau du Yoga, Orleans, France

Om Namah Sivaya. In September the Ashram reopened after a few days of closure to reorganise the Ashram after the busy summer. We opened with two Yoga Vacation programmes: “Boost your vitality and mental health” and “Yoga and Permaculture”. We have an external teacher for the permaculture. The students followed a very structured programme with theory and practice in the gardens. A highlight was the inauguration of the Academy 2022 – 2023. Two students attended in person in Orleans, 3 in Reith, and all others joined online. During the inauguration Swami Durgananda gave an inspiring welcome speech. We had an online Saraswati Puja with the academy students participating in front of their own altar. We continued all classes, Satsang and midday conference transmitted online.

We had two guests programmes. One programme was on “Yoga and Permaculture”. The guests felt very well supported by the teachers of the programme. We had a Sivananda yoga teacher who came to contribute his professional experience to guide the permaculture part. The other programme was on the theme “Boost Vitality and Mental Health”. As the kitchen works reached completion we started a major cleaning. The staff, karma yogis and employees started the tasks enthusiastically. We also welcomed a group of 25 students for the TTC.

Monthly Meditation for World Peace and Health. Please accept this invitation to join us for the Unite for a Healthy Planet worldwide meditation – Every 1st Sunday of the month at 2PM Continental European Time, for 30 minutes.

The staff were full of gratitude for this opportunity to serve. OM.

Sivananda Ashram Dà Lat, Vietnam

Om Namah Sivaya from Da Lat Ashram. An early September highlight at the Ashram was the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This was one of the most important annual celebrations of the year in Vietnam. The Ashram was full to capacity, around 100 guests in total joined us for the weekend’s celebrations. On the evening of the festival we were blessed with beautiful weather and a clear view of the autumn full moon, flanked by the very bright planet Jupiter and the planet Saturn. Guests and staff, including staff from the Dalat Centre joined together in the Yoga Hall to enjoy tea in traditional style, along with specially prepared ‘moon cakes’. A group of staff dressed in “ao dai”, traditional Vietnamese dress, performed a beautiful dance using paper fans to create intricate patterns. This was followed by a dramatic and at times very comical performance of a folk story of wandering Yogi and his encounter with a healing tree. We finished the indoor entertainment with a song performance, again by staff, of traditional autumn festival songs. On conclusion of all the performances we moved outside, everyone in the group received a colored paper lantern illuminated by a candle, and the whole group walked in procession up to the Ashram pond and island, creating a magical scene of colored lights under the glow of the full moon. In addition to this special event our guests enjoyed our usual program of Satsang, workshops, forest walks and sunrise meditation. All staff stepped up well to the challenge of caring for the large group of visitors. At the same time the Ayurveda therapist course, with 11 students, continued. All were inspired and looked forward to continuing in service.

By mid September we welcomed a group of guests for a week-long Introduction to Meditation course. We were happy to have the participation of one international guest, from Israel. The group was very serious in their intention to learn and practice, and were happy to be immersed in the daily practice of the Ashram. Their experience included an early morning trek into the forest and a labyrinth walk. The Ayurveda therapist training continued into its last week, participants were putting their newly learned skills into practice.

All staff are well and inspired in their service. We were grateful for Guru’s grace. Om.

Sivananda Ashram Tapaswini, Gudur, Andra Pradesh India

Om Namah Sivaya. Namaste. In September, by Master’s blessings, all was pleasant here. The Ashram staff offered a very auspicious celebration of the birth anniversary of Swami Sivananda with Bhajans, Guru Puja and chanting and Onam, with a delicious feast. There were 4 Yoga Vacations running concurrently. There were few guests from Andhra Pradesh who kept returning to the Ashram to spend few days whenever work and family permits. We hope the list keeps increasing of such guests.

As September progressed everything continued well the Ashram. Yoga Vacation welcomed 3 guests. We were short on staff so managing the schedule was little challenging. But like always, the Gurus looked after us.

The Ashram is fine and staff are keeping well. Our thoughts are with you all and we pray that you keep well and positive during challenging times. May Master and Swamiji bless us with true devotion and blessings be with us all! Pranams. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Tokyo, Japan

Om Namah Sivaya from the Shojiko Retreat. In September we had many guests visiting us at the Shojiko Retreat. Ganga Chaitanya, the director of the Ho Chi Minh Centre in Vietnam, and Saraswati, the director of the Da Lat Ashram, stayed here with us at the Shojiko Retreat since a week before offered a 2-day program for Karma yoga teachers who teach an online asana class. They shared with us so many different techniques and methods including how to adjust postures remotely, how to develop postures applying variations, how to adapt postures for those with backache, etc. This was well-attended by the teachers so that it became a wonderful opportunity to have connections with each other. We were so thankful to Ganga Chaitanya and Saraswati for what they did for us. Furthermore, Ganga Chaitanya gave a workshop for learning how to teach advanced asanas, in which good number of yoga teachers joined. Padmavati cooked for us everyday throughout her stay and served us great meals. Three of them travelled to Tokyo and Ganga Chaitanya and Saraswati left for home Vietnam.

We held a 108-round Sun salutation workshop, voluntarily planned and driven by some of Karma yogis, which became a great opportunity for students and teachers to connect and interact with each other. On the same day, an Ayurveda Cooking workshop navigated by Padmavati was offered for 2 consecutive days one weekend, in which she shared some ideas on diet that fits the climate of Japan or some recipes that match the season of fall. We offered a trial class. Online programs including asana open classes, international Satsang led by Swami Sita, continued well in progress.

May Master and Swamiji’s grace be with all. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Om.

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Far more precious than many gold and diamond mines, is the spiritual wealth of Self realization. – Sri Swami Sivananda


NAVARATHRI – the nine days of worship of Devi, or the Divine Mother, in the form of Maha-Kali, Maha-Lakshmi and Maha-Saraswati.

These nine days of triumph are offered to the Mother for Her successful struggle with the formidable demons led by Sumbha and Nisumbha. Navaratri is divided into sets of 3 three days to adore diffe­rent aspects of the Supreme Goddess. In its cosmic aspect it epitomizes the stages of the evolution of Man into God, from Jivahood to Sivahood.

The Divine Mother, Supreme Shakti of Brahman, has to operate through the aspirant. On the first three days Mother is adored as Power, Force – Durga the Terrible. You pray to Mother Durga to destroy all your impurities, your vices, your defects. She is to fight with and annihilate the baser animal qualities in the Sadhaka, the lower Asura in his nature. Also, She is the Power that protects your Sadhana from its many dangers and pitfalls. Thus, the first three days aim is to worship of the Destructive aspect of the Mother, Durga, marking the first stage of destruction of Mala (impurities) plus, embody the determined effort of the sadhaka to rout out the evil Vasanas, propensities and old habits in the mind.

The next step is to build a sublime spiritual personality, to acquire positive qualities in place of the eliminated Asuric qualities. The Divine qualities, Daivi Sampat, “Divine wealth”, that Lord Krishna enumerates in the Gita, have to be acquired. The Sadhaka must cultivate and develop all the auspicious qualities. He has to pile up immense spiritual wealth to enable him to pay the price for the rare gem of divine wisdom (Jnanaratna). If this development of the opposite qualities (Pratipaksha Bhavana) is not undertaken in right earnest, the old Asuric nature will raise its head again and again. Hence, this stage is as important in an aspirant’s career as the previous one. This stage of the aspirant’s Sadhana is depicted by the worship of Mother Lakshmi. She bestows on Her devotees the inexhaustible wealth of Daivi Sampat. Lakshmi is the Sampat-Dayini aspect of Brahman. She is Purity Itself. Thus worship of Goddess Lakshmi is performed during the second set of three days.
Once the aspirant succeeds in routing out the evil propensities and in developing Sattvic, pure qualities, he becomes an Adhikari. He is ready now to receive the Light of Supreme Wisdom. He is fit to obtain Divine Knowledge. At this stage comes the devout worship of Sri Sarasvati, Who is Divine Knowledge personi­fied, the Embodiment of Brahmajnana. The sound of Her celestial Veena awakens the notes of the sublime Mahavakyas and the Pranava. She bestows the Knowledge of the Supreme Naada and then gives full Atmajnana as represen­ted by Her pure dazzling snow-white apparel. To propitiate Sri Sarasvati, the Giver of Jnana, is therefore the third stage.

The tenth day—Vijaya Dasami—marks the tri­umphant ovation of the Jiva at having attained Jivanmukti through the descent of knowledge by the grace of Goddess Sarasvati. The Jiva rests in His own Supreme Self of Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-knowledge-Bliss Absolute). This day celebrates the victory, the achievement of the Goal.

The Banner of Victory flies aloft. Lo! I am He! I am He!!
Chidananda rupah sivoham, sivoham chidananda rupah sivoham, sivoham

VIJAYADASAMI – Vijayadasami is the crowning day of the success of Vidya shakti over the negative lower nature of nescience. See NAVARATHRI above.

PRAHLADA – Prahlada is a character from the Puranic texts of Hinduism, wherein he is famed for his exclusive devotion (bhakti) to Vishnu, despite attempts in the story by his father, Hiranyakashipu to turn him to the contrary. The story of Prahlada gives a number of moral instructions: God will always save his devotees, constant faith in God leads to devotion.

DHRUVA – Dhruva was an ardent young devotee of Vishnu. He was a prince blessed to eternal existence and glory as the Pole Star in the constellations. The story of Dhruva’s life is often told to Hindu children as an example for perseverance, devotion, steadfastness and fearlessness.