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Sivananda World News: The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Zentrum, Berlin, Germany

Om Namah Sivaya. Our month started well. Students came on a regular basis and enjoyed their practice at the Center. We began with a well-booked Yoga 1 course, a special public holiday evening Open class and Satsang in the evening, and a Yoga and Detox workshop which was well received by a good group of people. Karma Yogis supported the centre a lot, almost every day someone came for cleaning, polishing altar brass and small maintenance projects. We concluded each week with the regular Sunday evening satsang. The Sunday prayers were chanted wholeheartedly by all.
Classes, courses, and Satsangs continued to run well. A Yoga 1 course started on Tuesday with an inspired group of students. The highlight of the week was our spring retreat out in a wonderful location about 2h north east of Berlin. It is an old mill, which has been beautifully renovated and transformed into a seminar Center a few years ago. We have been going there for many years and it is always a warm welcome to meet the staff who so lovingly take care of us. The retreat was fully booked and it was a good group of regular retreat participants as well as newcomers. Students tuned very well to the classical ashram schedule, we had nice nature walks and all returned inspired and recharged.
Several higher courses started and classes were also well visited the following week. On Wednesday Swami Sivadasananda was with us and gave an asana workshop followed by a Satsang, both with a good group of inspired students. Many of our long term students joined but also a few newer students came for the class and Satsang.
Karma Yogis were supporting with cleaning and maintenance and baking cookies.
Classes and courses were still well visited at the beginning of Easter week, but the Centre was closed from Good Friday until Easter Monday as Staff supported the Easter Program at the Retreat House.
From Tuesday in the second week of the Easter holidays the Center was very active again. Students were back and classes and courses were well visited. On Saturday we had a fully packed class in the morning and a good group of newcomers for the trial class. Many of them registered for the upcoming Yoga 1 courses or took cards for the Drop-In classes. We had good help from teachers and Karma Yogis the whole week with the regular cleaning, polishing of altar brass, baking cookies, reception and teaching.
Classes and courses continued to run well. We had a Yoga 1 starting with a good group of newcomers, all inspired to learn the basics of Asanas and Pranayama. Several higher courses started, students love to be in a group to practise and learn together on a regular basis. Karma yogis were again very helpful in keeping the center sattvic. We concluded the week with a well-visited Satsang. Sunday prayers were chanted wholeheartedly and the energy in the center was uplifted. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Om Namah Sivaya. You can contact us for any questions about practicing yoga at home through e-mail: [email protected] Call: 11 4804 7813.
For any queries, contact us. If changes or news arise, we will inform you. We salute you with a fervent desire for peace and health for all. We hope you are all well. May Masters blessings always guide us. Pranams. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Prayers and Greetings from Chennai Centre. Our month began with a 6:00 am Beginners’ course and our Yoga 2 groups progressing nicely. We are overjoyed to see the progress and dedication shown by all our students. We were delighted to see the increasing numbers of our 9:30 am Open class as it was a full house for several days. The group energy was palpable, and it was a pleasure to see everyone working together towards their individual goals while fostering a sense of community.
The following week was a dynamic one, filled with numerous events and opportunities including a month-long online workshop exclusively for women as part of our Womens’ Day celebrations. We received an invitation to teach an early morning session in Pondicherry by Saint-Gobain which went well. We also held an informative workshop on Breaking Barriers: Women’s Right to Knowledge which was received well by the participants.
Overall, it was an exhilarating week filled with growth, learning, and empowerment.
We can’t wait to see what the future holds.
Mid-month we started two new beginners’ groups at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm with seven students, as well as a five-day online course on Pranayama and Dhyana @ Brahmamuhurta, designed for beginners who want to learn the art of Pranayama and Dhyana to enhance their overall well-being. The course was well-received and attracted ten registrants.
We also conducted two special online workshops exclusively for women. The first workshop was titled Honouring Our Cycle: Women’s Health and Empowerment, and the second was called Mindful and Strong: Empowering Women’s Bodies and Mind.
In our ongoing efforts to expand our reach, we are working hard to obtain approval from a local association and Beach walker’s community to conduct a free monthly Yoga class on the beach. Our team is currently exploring different strategies to promote this initiative and make it a success.
We started off the following week with a new Beginners group and we are happy to have 6 enthusiastic students on board. We also successfully completed our month-long online weekend workshop series, Shakti – Unleash the Power Within. We had around 25 participants who joined us for the entire program and we’re thrilled to have helped them on their journey towards self-discovery.
Finally, we had a special asana class followed by a Teachers’ meeting, Satsang, and dinner. It was great to see around 20 people attend the satsang and connect with each other.
To attract more students we announced a discount coupon for Open class students in honour of Tamil New Year. In addition to this, we are collaborating with the Thiruvanmiyur Beach Walkers Association to conduct free yoga sessions from 6:00am to 7:00am daily. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase our Center, and we have received permission to place seven flex boards on the beach for added visibility.
Last week, we welcomed Veena from Canada to our center. She has organized an exciting two-week facial treatment program that we are confident will be a hit with our students.
While we did not hold any special workshops or classes last week, we focused our efforts on planning and designing new courses to expand our offerings. We ended the week on a high note with a Satsang led by Gopan.
We began the following week with 2 Beginners groups, with a total of 11 registrants. 8 of them opting for online classes, while 3 attended in person. The Beach Yoga sessions are picking up well, with more people joining. We are planning to keep 2 more flex boards around the beach for increased visibility.
We were invited, along with many renowned yoga institutions, to participate in the Yoga Festival at Babuji Memorial Ashram. Our representative, Umaji, conducted a free yoga class that was attended by around 40 people. We also had a panel discussion on the topic How can Yoga and Ayurveda take care of my health? with Chennai’s leading Yoga schools and Ayurveda experts. Veena Ji from Canada attended the event, and we invited the organizers to visit our center as well. We ended the week on a positive note with a Satsang.
Our Beginners groups continue to progress well, with positive feedback from our students. The 6:00 am open class has seen an increase in numbers, indicating growing interest among early morning practitioners. Our Beach classes are also going smoothly, with an average of 15 people attending daily.
On the 14th of April, we performed a Ganapathi Homam on behalf of the Tamil New Year, as a way of honoring and celebrating this auspicious occasion. As a special gesture, we offered a discount to our Open class students as a New Year gift. The following day we organized a workshop on an Introduction to Ayurveda which provided valuable insights into this ancient healing system. The workshop was well-attended and received positive feedback from the participants. In addition, we celebrated Vishu, the traditional New Year of Kerala, with a Kerala feast on the same day. Around 35 people attended the event, enjoying the delicious food and festive atmosphere. It was a wonderful opportunity to promote cultural understanding and bring the community together. We concluded the week with our regular Satsang. After Satsang we had a special celebration as we honored one of our former outside teachers, Suburaoji, on his 80th birthday. We conducted a cake cutting ceremony and presented him with a Ponnadai, an adorned shawl, as a mark of respect and appreciation for his contribution to our Center. Overall, it was a busy and fulfilling week with various events, workshops, and celebrations that have enriched the experience for our students and brought the community together. We are grateful for the support and participation of our students, staff, and the wider community in making these events a success, all by Master’s grace.
As the heat intensified in Chennai, we noticed a slight decrease in attendance for our Open and Beginners’ classes. However, we were excited to announce our upcoming Kids’ camp in mid-May and hope that it will bring renewed energy to our Centre.
Our Three-week Online Beginners’ course came to an end last week. The participants were dedicated and enthusiastic throughout the course. We were delighted to receive positive feedback from them, with many leaving glowing reviews on Google.
In response to the needs of our online students, we are planning to start an Online Weekend variation class. We believe that this new class will offer our students the opportunity to deepen their practice and continue their spiritual journey.
We ended the week with a beautiful Satsang. It was wonderful to see a few people from our Beach yoga session attend the Satsang. We pray that Master continues to bless us with a better week ahead. Pranams. Om Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta DÀ LAT Centre, Dà Lat, Vietnam

Greetings from Dalat center. Our month started quietly. All the classes went well and staff maintained their sadhana regularly. The 3-day on-site course Yoga for Depression taught by our Syhet Practicum Student was very effective and successful. The student changed with a lot of positive things, and continued practice after the course. The Syhet teacher was happy staying and teaching at the center. Our Online Meditation course continued smoothly and students kept their practice online with staff daily. The focus was on Bhakti Yoga, internal training for playing Harmonium and basic Ayurveda for staff. We also promoted our Health Symposium and Headstand workshop.
We welcomed Ram Vakklanka for a concert which brought a lot of energy to the Center.
Our weekend Headstand workshop had 4 students and we finished Harmonium training for the staff. Now they can play the Daily Chants and some Kirtan by themselves.
We were happy to welcome Swami Vasisthananda and Swami Adiparashaktiananda to the center. Around 30 students, Karma Yogis and staff who participated in the satsang were very inspirited by the story and energy of the Swamijis.
A 3-day on-site course Yoga for Spine Health was taught by a Syhet Practicum Student under supervision, and we also offered a Self-Massage Ayurveda workshop.
Everything went well the following week: the Self Massage Ayurveda workshop on the weekend had 9 students; the 3 days on-site course Yoga for a Healthy Spine, which is taught by a Syhet Practicum Student under supervision had 3 students; the Meditation online course finished successfully and we had an Internal asana class for staff and Karma Yogis which helped us to practice and improve teaching skills.
Next week, we will offer a SYHET information day; open an Advanced Asana course; and offer an Open House. We continue have internal training for staff and Karma Yogis, this week about postural adjustments.
We had SYHET information day and Satsang which brought a lot of energy and love to all students and center and we continued internal training for staff and Karma Yogis about adjustment of postures this week.
We gave a weekend Ayurveda Course on Knowing yourself to take care of yourself. The course covered much fundamental knowledge of Ayurveda as well as practical sessions on gentle yoga and yoga nidra. The weekend wrapped up nicely with a Satsang on Tratak and the topic on 15 indicators of Health. Many students were new to the concept of Ayurveda but after this introduction course we are looking forward to offering more similar workshops and classes based on yoga and Ayurveda.
We have started the internal training for Karma yogis and staff on Basic Asanas Adjustment this week. The Karma yogi teachers are inspired to deepen their teaching skills on adjustments. All in all, classes went well. We also started a series of private yoga sessions targeting new-comers or those having special health conditions plus, the roses are blossoming nicely in the garden!
We were especially honored to have Dr Sharma-ji from India to give us a special Satsang on The Basics of Ayurveda. He introduced the basic concepts of the ancient science of life through interesting and practical examples. Many questions asked by the eager audience were answered beautifully by Dr-ji. It was a nice crowded Satsang with many students joining from online as well. We also started a Yoga Beginner Course for 5 newcomers. Staff spent their Sadhana time in taking online classes of the annual Health symposium held by SYVC Vietnam, with much inspiration and passion. All in all, the Dalat center in Vietnam is flourishing with positive vibes and fresh energy. By Guru’s Grace, we are eager to continue to carry out the mission of SYVC.
The final week was intensive but energetic for the Center, with lots of opportunity to learn and grow through service. Staff took part in the workshops as part of their sadhana and learning. Dr Sharma from India gave us 2 wonderful workshops on Ayurveda and Yoga for Seniors and a separate workshop on Body Alignments for Back Pain. Many students joined from online and onsite, eager to learn from Dr ji about health and Ayurveda. Tarini ji, a Vietnamese physical therapist gave a workshop on Therapy for neck shoulder pain. It was held with much enthusiasm.
We have also started this week The Ayurveda Beginner Course with many registered online and some onsite. The week ended with a beautiful Yantra painting workshop. Students left with their hearts full. On Sunday morning staff joined a clean-up event held by the local governmental community. We picked up trash around the community and thus earned a good name for Sivananda yoga Vedanta Center.
The fishes in the garden pond are swimming with ease and joy, The Center is flowing with lively energy. We are so grateful to serve Guru in every way we could. Om Shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta DWARKA Centre, Delhi, India

Om Namah Sivaya. All the activities are running well in the Centre. We have the regular Beginners courses, morning and evening. The Open classes are going well and we conducted a Kriya workshop attended by a good number of students. The Kids’ classes are also going well. We conducted a TTC Orientation Workshop attended by 12 students. We conclude each week with Satsang followed by dinner.
Day by day, the mercury is rising higher and higher. All the staff are doing well and sending their pranam to you. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta NATARAJA Centre, Delhi, India

Om Namah Sivaya. Our month started with two groups of Beginners (Y1) in the morning and evening. Student numbers have increased. We had an intense week of teaching while managing our renovations, shifting furniture and other activities but all went well. We now have the meditation hall, Siva hall and studio finished and ready to use. We enjoyed a lavish breakfast on the day of Holi.
The following was an exemplary week. Every nook and corner of the Centre was cleaned whilst having the renovation contractor and his workers all around. We only have to get the Director’s room done and some patch works to be completed and we have the all-new Centre ready with 4 practice halls and a beautifully renovated office and staff dorms. We also had a very good Satsang with a TTC orientation and as many as 30 members attending.
By the end of the month the renovation was 99% completed. We are now all fresh and ready to welcome more people into class pass renewals, new courses and events. All are back in clean yellow & white after long hours of deep cleaning sessions which lasted for 20 days at least following which some of us were able to enjoy a trip to Agra-Taj Mahal.
The following was a busy week with finishing touches to renovations, continued deep cleaning of staff areas, the library, storage, and outdoor areas. The many efforts of the staff can be felt by the students. The Centre feels very light and fresh.
We started a Yoga 2 course and look forward to building our courses over the next weeks and ushering more students from Yoga 1 into Yoga 2 to further establish their practice.
We are organising an upcoming teachers’ and karma yogis’ meeting to share our changes with the community.
Our focus is slowly shifting from renovation and cleaning to updating our programme schedule, website and social media platforms, and to planning for new programmes in the coming months. The weather is becoming warmer In Delhi. Covid cases are also increasing and we are considering schedule changes and a resumption of steps to mitigate exposure.
Easter Week was a little slower due to the holidays. We prepared for an upcoming weekend of workshops and to welcoming our teachers and karma yogis, past and present, for a Teachers’ Meeting. Some, after predominantly teaching and practicing online, are attending the Centre for the first time in several years. We had a couple of staff isolating due to a positive Covid test result. The weather is getting warmer and it has been difficult to remain in the room for this period of time. We hope to be out and about soon, while continuing to wear masks to help protect our community. Finally, the staff recovering from Covid were able to come out of isolation. We are wearing masks and taking precautions as Delhi seems to be experiencing a small Covid surge after a long while.
We had a Meditative Asana workshop and a small group of American tourists for class early on Sunday at the end of the month. They appreciated the chance to relax and do some gentle asanas before heading to the airport for the next Indian city on their tour. In the afternoon we had a Teachers’ and Karma Yogis’ meeting which was attended by about 15 outside teachers and community members. Nirmala, the new centre Director was introduced to all, and everyone shared their ideas for bringing new students into the Centre and bringing back those we have missed over the pandemic. Satsang followed the meeting where we had a number of new attendees from the US, Brazil, and Ireland. Afterwards, we shared a meal together, generously supported by Rajneesh, our centre resident. An inspiring week. Greetings to all.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

Om Namah Sivaya. We are enjoying some warmer weather which is bringing a good attendance of students. We had a steady group of inspired students for the Pranayama class and the new Noon class followed by a meal which is well appreciated by the students. With the warmer days coming back we began some spring-cleaning.
New Beginner courses started on Mondays and Thursdays and the Wednesday classes were very well attended. A good number of students were inspired to stay for the Satsang.
The Saturday was well alive with the cooking class and students eating in the Center.
The week went well. The Monday trial class was very well attended. The main event of the week was a Fasting day on Saturday. Students stayed for the day in the center. We had a lecture on fasting, a Kriyas workshop, carrot juice, and a nature walk in the afternoon. We nicely concluded the day with the satsang.
Students slowly came back from the Easter break. We began a new Beginner’ course and one new teacher who just came back from Rudraprayag gave her first class. The space around the Center getting more peaceful. A bicycle shelter had been installed next to the Center and plantations are going to take place very soon behind it. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam

Om Namah Sivaya. We began the month with some inspiring online Satsangs on the topics of Pain and Fear, Bhakti yoga in daily life to improve relationships, and Spiritual ignorance and egoism. All the classes went well. The in-person and online Nutrition Course began with 5 students. The following week we opened an in-person Beginners Course with 3 students, and an all-level class courses for TTC with 5 students. We concluded the week with an online Satsang on Self Inquiry.
The next week we opened a 108 round Sun Salutation with 7 students, an onsite Beginner course with 3 students and a Workshop on handmade Salad dressing with 8 students. Our online Satsangs with Swami Sitaramananda included the topics Attachment- Detachment; Desire and Happiness; Why Meditate? and What is Satsang?
We had an Open house with 4 students. We have an upcoming course and the Om Tara Retreat Yen Bai and we opened an onsite Beginner’s course with 5 students. We are continuing to promote Swami Sitaramananda, Swami Adiparashakti, Dr Sharma Course coming up at the Center and Om Tara Retreat Yen Bai next week. Staff’s Sadhana is steady. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Om Namah Sivaya. We began the month with a peaceful week with lots of inspiration to practice. Our Open house had 9 interested students, so we opened a new Beginners course. Yoga deep relaxation had 13 people. People had the chance to take deep rest for the body and mind after a week of working so hard. Our Meditation course finished but the Ayurveda for beginners and Yoga kids were still running well. Satsangs were full of energy with a large number of students participating. Recently, more and more foreigners come regularly to take Open classes, with some of them showing great interest. We also held a weekend Handicraft workshop on how to make aromatic bags. Satsangs are fully attended by the students and karma yogis.
The following week began with a new Restorative yoga course with 7 students. Along with that, the Nutrition course continued to run well. People are eager to learn the Yoga diet principles and enjoy the small vegetarian cooking sessions at the end of the class. Both courses received excellent feedback from the students. On the weekend, we held a Backbend variations workshop for 11 participants. The weekly Satsangs welcomed a large number of students and karma yogis and the Ayurveda room had 2 treatments.
Our Open house had 15 students, so we have a lot more signups for the new Beginners courses. Our SYHET information day was very successful and the Kids Yoga, Restorative yoga, and the Nutrition course are still running very well. Other than that, the Ayurveda room had 2 treatments. This week, we happily welcomed Swami Narayanananda and Swami Pranavananda to the center. On Sunday satsang, Swami Pranava gave an inspiring lecture about Anger.
We are happy to announce that this week marked the completion of SYVC Ho Chi Minh ’s 13 years of continuous service. Our anniversary program was successfully celebrated with about 130 students, teachers and karma yogis, and swami Pranavananda who just completed the teaching of Sadhana Intensive and Swami Sitaramananda who came from Dalat for the day. We gave gifts like T-shirts, tote bags, keychains, and vouchers and had wonderful decorations, feast, classes, and guests. The anniversary was held in a cozy, joyful and meaningful atmosphere. The series of events started with an Advanced asana class, then continued with Selfless Love workshop taught by Swami Sitaramananda. Right after that, 63 TTC graduates gathered and had a meeting with Q@A on sadhana with Swami Sita. Satsang that evening had about 120 students, and we had a sweet party afterwards. Everything came out well and everybody enjoyed it deeply.
We started our first Vegetarian cooking course with 12 students. The Nutrition course finished after eight classes, the student gave excellent feedback that they were inspired and confident to eat properly from then on. Other courses are well. The staff were busy running the full schedule but they still found time to practice and were in great harmony.
Ho Chi Minh City is getting hotter and hotter but it does not prevent our staff from working dynamically as always. We welcomed many new students because there were 4 new courses in the Center. We started the Meditation for Beginners and Yoga for Beginners courses. We also started our training courses for TTC graduates: Posture correction course and teaching bilingual class course with nearly 20 students in total. The weekend was vibrant because we had an outdoor class in Sala Park with 10 participants. Other than that, there were Surya Namaskar and Kirtan workshops on Sunday. The Cooking workshops and Yoga for Beginner courses are running well. Staff are busy keeping so many courses on track but still maintain steady Sadhana, thanks to Guru’s Grace. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, London, England

Om Namah Sivaya. We are happy to have some additional support from our Karma yogis. We continue to read inspiring words of Master Sivananda from World Peace in the mornings for Satsang and from Vishnudevananda Upadesa at the end of the day for Arati. One of the messages came twice: “A real yogi spends hours and hours repeating his mantra with the aid of a japa mala until the body, mind mala and fingers become one and the same.”
Early in the month we had two inspiring evening satsangs: one from Masters’ booklet of poems called Vedanta Jyoti; and the second on the topic of Love from Bliss Divine following Sunday prayers. The two Main Altars look fresh in white, pink, and blue and Hanuman looks beautiful with a new outfit from Vrindavan.
We had the last session of a Meditation course, a number of Beginners’ courses, our weekly Gita study group, and a Headstand workshop and many sunny days enabled the staff to have lunch in the peace garden as well as a silent walk. The morning light, the chant of the birds and the white blossoms on the trees brought peace.
We began a Positive thinking course, a cooking class, and a Sanskrit course. The students appreciated the teachings and the delicious and healthy food.
We designed a new brochure, new posters and new announcement sheets.
The students are grateful for both online and onsite classes, workshops, courses and satsangs giving by the Sivananda Family. They also appreciate the calm atmosphere of the Centre.
In spite of active strikes and a major problem in public transport, a number of new-comers visited the Centre for the Open house.
We had a successful Pranayama Day with asana classes focusing on the topic, and a workshop given by Swami Jyotirmayananda.
The staff and the Karma yogis had a rehearsal of the shadow’s spiritual play that will take place next week as part of Saturday’s satsang. We ended the rehearsal with arati and a beautiful letter of Master, talking of Devi Tripura Sundari’s grace.
We had an uplifting week with the Celebration of Ram Navami: we had Ram’s kirtans in the morning Satsang and a beautiful Puja in the evening. Close teachers, karma yogis and students accompanied us. They brought many flowers and fruits. The trees in the peace garden offered many flowers to Lord Ram.
This week we put prana on the logistics of the retreat. The karma yogis were happy to contribute with prasads, snacks and chutneys. They were also willing to help with the transport of the altar, boutique, office and kitchen items.
On Sunday, there was a joyful morning with the donkey procession of Palm Sunday, passing by the Centre with beautiful chants while the students started to arrive at the Centre for the morning class.
In the morning satsangs, we started to read Masters’ book the Ethics of the Bhagavad Gita.
For the evening Satsang of Saturday, the karma yogis, teachers and close students told a spiritual story with shadows, music and puppets. We were inspired by having a bigger family for the meditation and the chanting. That day, Swami Sivananda gave us beautiful words on the topic of God, freedom and love. There were inspiring poems of Master Sivananda from a little booklet having as title Maha Yoga in the Sunday evening satsang.
The Centre was happy to welcome Swami Dayananda who will stay with us until the summer.
The London centre closed over the long weekend while staff served during the first retreat in the UK countryside since the pandemic years. The Easter Retreat took place in a new venue in Kent, the garden of England, in an area of outstanding natural beauty at a short distance from London. The 19th-century old stable and spacious barn provided a warm welcome to yogis from all over England. The properties are surrounded by a 500-acre estate with beautiful walks into the wider countryside. Students were enthused by their deeper experience of the yoga and meditation practice, the wholesome vegetarian meals and discovering yoga as a lifestyle. We look forward to seeing them back in the centre, online or for any of the future retreats.
The Easter Retreat came to a very positive conclusion and the Centre reopened its doors for the London students on Tuesday while online classes had continued over the long Bank Holiday weekend. A new Bhagavad Gita course started with a small and sincere group of participants; the focus is on the concluding chapters of the Gita. Saturday featured a chanting workshop which brought much joy and liveliness, among the participants were two newcomers to the centre. The TTCOL energy daily comes to the London Centre with Swami Dayananda teaching the Bhagavad Gita classes to the Spanish group.
Our final week was a very positive one. A Meditative Pranayama workshop was organised on Monday evening. The workshop was well attended and brought a very peaceful energy to the participants, the staff and the centre. On Saturday we had a Sun Salutation workshop. Several newcomers to the Centre who commented that they were very inspired by the teachings and the discovery of the Sivananda Centre. The morning classes and public satsangs have picked up in attendance, while the evening classes remain for the moment still quiet. Spring continues to grace the Peace Garden with a multitude of flowers in a variety of brilliant colours, brightening up a rainy week in London. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Om Namah Sivaya. The first weekend of the month is Ayurveda Weekend. Rashee Rohatgi returned to teach a 5-hour Food & Ayurveda workshop, this time basing her menu on a healthy version of Indian street foods, like poha and papri chaat. We all enjoyed her gracious energy and the delicious feast. We had appointments available for abhyangas and a Self-Abhyanga Workshop. Three new courses began: Yoga 1, Yoga 2, and Meditation 1 as well as a monthly online Yoga Nidra.
The following week we offered a 5-day Positive Thinking for Optimal Health Retreat. The students who attended were keen, present, and in need of support. They shared, they discussed, they digested. They embraced the Five Points. Their transformation was beautiful to witness. They stayed on for the “Hatha Yoga for Wellness” Weekend, keeping their practice consistent and experiencing more release.
The following week we had a Holistic Health/Anxiety Relief weekend, nicely incorporating teachings on fear. It was a diverse group of students, who received the information in varying degrees. They planted an actual seed with a positive affirmation as a final declaration. A Positive Thinking 2 course ended.
Our “Enter the Mystical” weekend included a Yantra Painting Workshop and a talk on Maya as Divine Illusion. Guests were relatively new to the material and gave their full attention. It was a congenial group. A 5-session Forgiveness Course started with great discussion. Members of the Black Everywhere group joined the Sunday Open Class. Unfortunately, it was too windy to teach outdoors on the deck. There are lots of SYHET meetings and mentoring taking place these days.
We invited Elana Berman to lead an Ayurveda Weekend on Mental Health and Wellness, which drew a full house of retreat guests. They also enjoyed a kitchari workshop and a Trauma-Informed Yoga Class—and long, sincere discussions after dinners. Ayurvedic body treatment appointments on Sunday were all filled. On Monday, we offered a second Chair Yoga class at Beth Jacob Synagogue. The seniors were very welcoming and happy to participate. On Tuesday, we were invited to mass and dinner at the local Jesuit Novitiate. Their gentleness is striking. We look forward to further collaboration with them. Yoga 2 and Meditation 1 courses ended and we were able to teach both weekend asana classes out on the deck. There is a hummingbird nest in our avocado tree!
We had a Holistic Health Weekend: Yoga for Anxiety Relief, as part of SYHET practicum. Students were engaged and participated heartily—and were grateful for the personal recommendations. We started Yoga 1 and Meditation 2 courses. The garden is luscious and green.
For our “Understanding Addiction” weekend, David Ibrahim gave a talk on the disease of will power, mentioning the chemical processes in the brain which get “hijacked” by our addictions. The weekend residential and day guests joined the yoga class we offered as part of the Taste of TTC program with the Yoga Farm.
Swami Sivasankariananda gave the Sunday talk on How to Cultivate Virtues and Eradicate Vices, including a discussion on the Yamas and Niyamas. We supported the weekend theme with satsang topics Prana and Free Will.
Tara Durga Devi visited to teach a Gentle Yoga Teacher Training (for teachers). We opened a couple of the gentle asana classes in the training to the public so others could learn and share her joy. Swami Sivasankariananda, meanwhile, flew to San Francisco for the monthly Sunday program there, which consisted of a Yantra Painting Workshop, an asana class and a Satsang. There were many familiar smiling faces present. Students welcomed the practice and the opportunity to renew inspiration. LA Center received a car donation, which we are passing along to the Yoga Farm. We are grateful for all the opportunities to learn and serve. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madrid, Spain

Om Namah Sivaya. The month began with three Beginners courses. We then focused on organizing our 7-day Almería retreat. It is a retreat for families in which there are already children who have been participating for years. Gopala attended the yoga congress in Galicia on behalf of the centre. It was a very well-attended event with yoga classes of around 200 participants and lectures that gathered a total of approximately 500 people.
The following week we began new Meditation and Yoga 1 courses, while there were two Yoga 2 courses in progress.
The heat arrived unexpectedly in Madrid, with a notable increase in temperature.
Later in the month two Yoga 2 courses started while our Yoga 1 course was in progress. A Meditation course was also in progress.
The highlight was a workshop for teachers that was given in hybrid mode. The theme was the correction of postures based on the new asana correction manual.
Classes and courses continued with good attendance. The main focus was on preparations for the Easter retreat in Almería and several new enrolments were received.
Over Easter the Center continued with a reduced schedule as staff went to Almeria, South Spain, for the one-week Easter family retreat. It was an inspiring and joyful retreat. The highlight was the children, 12 kids participating in a full program, including Childrens’ Satsangs. Many of them have been coming every year for 9 years, as it has become a tradition for the families. The weather was beautiful and sunny and some of the lectures and classes took place outdoors. Yoga classes were offered in separate levels from intermediate to beginner. Everyone returned happy and recharged.
The full Center schedule resumed and students slowly came back after Easter. The weekend saw a small Open day on Saturday and a Cooking course on Sunday, with very tasty and sattvic recipes. We started some new maintenance and Spring-cleaning projects with good support from volunteers all week.
We began several new courses at the end of the month including a hybrid Kirtan course with 17 students online and 5 onsite. The 5th session of the further training program How to correct asanas took place on Saturday. Spanish classes for the TTC online are continuing as we entered the second week, with inspired students and a team of mentors and teachers supporting from all parts of Europe. Summer temperatures arrived in Madrid and fresh flowers are being planted in our terrace. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madurai, India

Om Namah Sivaya to all. We thank our Masters for all blessings and support bestowed. May all be blessed with equanimity and steadiness in practice. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Montevideo, Uruguay

Om Namah Sivaya from the Montevideo Centre. We are happy to serve, love to all. We pray intensely for peace and harmony in this world. May the Grace of Gurudev and Swamiji be upon us all. Om Shanti. Om.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Om Namah Sivaya. We had a dynamic Open house on Saturday with many new students interested in starting yoga practice. Swami Rajeshwarananda gave the introduction to yoga and the intermediate class. Bhagirati prepared a nice vegetarian meal. All participants enjoyed the day with a few enrolling for a Beginners course.
The new yoga Beginners course began and the Yoga 1 and 2 courses also went well. The Yoga for a healthy back regular class saw new students joining each week.
Our Wednesday evening Satsang resumed after a few years’ interruption during the pandemic and is gradually picking up, The Sunday satsang, which is usually led by a Swami or senior staff from the Ashram has become quite popular and gathers a steady group of students.
After a successful Open house, we started a new Beginners course. A new Prenatal course started this week and a deep relaxation session last Friday. The Yoga for a healthy back regular class sees new students joining each week.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Munich, Germany

Om Namah Sivaya. Our Yogic Cooking workshop at the beginning of the month was successful. There was keen interest in the yogic principles of nutrition. Everyone was engaged to prepare a tasty and healthy meal. Karma Yogis gave good support throughout the week. Courses continued and drop-in-classes had a good attendance.
The highlight of the following week was the special programme with Swami Sivadasananda. He gave two very well-attended asana and pranayama workshops, each followed by a meditation evening. There was a lot of positive feedback about the good mixture of useful information and deep relaxation in the yoga classes. In the satsangs, the participants enjoyed chanting and were interested in the beautifully explained verses from the Gita. The other courses and classes of the week were also well attended.
It was a joy to see several asana and pranayama courses continue for another month. There was a weekend Beginners’ course with interested and inspired participants. They enjoyed both the practice and the explanations of the yogic benefits.
Old students from “before Corona” are increasingly coming to the drop-in classes again. The extra gentle class with Chandrika was very well attended on Friday. A lot of relaxation and gentle movements are very welcome at the moment. The compact weekend course has come to a good conclusion. All participants would like to continue their practice.
We had good support by Karma Yogis.
The spiritual highlight of the following week was Ram Navami which we celebrated in the evening satsang on Wednesday. We sang Rama kirtans, reflected about the importance of Dharma in our lives and heard stories about Lord Rama. After a wonderful halva prasad everybody left inspired and uplifted.
The trial class on Saturday was well attended. All participants were inspired to start yoga practice. With the beginning of the Easter holiday a number of students went to the special Easter program in the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House in Reith/Tyrol/Austria.
The spiritual highlight of this week was the celebration of Hanuman Jayanthi in the Wednesday evening satsang. We read a text by Master about the power of devotion, heard stories of Lord Hanuman and chanted Hanuman and Rama kirtans. On Friday the staff joined the special Easter program in the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House in Reith/Tyrol/Austria.
The staff returned recharged and inspired from the Easter program in the Retreat House and reopened the Center after the Easter weekend. The following Saturday we had a very well-attended trial class which nicely filled our Yoga Hall.
We started a new Meditation course with a group of very motivated participants. Swami Narayanananda and Vishnupriya Chaitanya came from the Sivananda Yoga Retreat House in Reith/Tyrol/Austria to help us with a number of maintenance projects. The week ended with a well-attended open class taught by Swami Narayanananda and the Sunday evening satsang. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, New York, USA

Om Namah Sivaya from the New York Centre. May the Grace of Gurudev and Swamiji be upon us all. Om Shanti. Om.

Centre de Yoga Sivananda Vedanta, Paris, France

Om Namah Sivaya. Our month began with an intense week of teaching and management of the Center due to teacher and karma yogi holidays plus some sickness. The energy of the Center is growing with us and becaming more sattvic.
The new staff team is going very well learning new things and teaching Beginners courses etc. We began a Thought power course with enthusiastic participants as well as an inspiring Vegetarian cooking class well-appreciated by all.
The main project of the following week was the Yoga Festival preparation with Swami Kailasananda. Our Beginners courses and Thought power course continued. The focus of the weekend evening satsangs has been Thought power and Kundalini.
The following week was full of new students and the energy of the Center is flowing and increasing. We ordered things for the boutique because we are selling more in the shop. The high light of the week was the celebration of the Yoga Festival Day on Saturday with the guidance of Swami Kailasananda ji who came from Orléans. On Sunday we had the Teachers Day, a special time to share ideas, review the teaching methods; a good opportunity to grow guided by Swami Kailasananda ji and Narayana Chaitanya ji. All the students and teachers benefited from their presence.
We celebrated Easter with the students and had an Open day on the following Saturday. The boutique is nicely filled and every day new students are coming.
The last week of the month was full of movements and celebrations. We celebrated the birthday of Vasishta ji and Swami Kailasananda ji. We did a photo shoot with Rukmini for the new brochure. Narayana Chaitanya came from Orleans to support the Centre for three days and taught his thematic class on Friday evenings and other classes during the weekend. We were blessed with the presence of Swami Kailasananda here for 3 days guiding the evening Satsangs on Saturday and Sunday. The student number is increasing steadily. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel

Om Nama Sivaya. We had an evening satsang dedicated to memory of Pranava Chaitanya from Bahamas. We repeated 108 times the Mahamrityunjaya mantra together with many students and teachers who came to the Center and also joined us via zoom. Swami Shambhu gave a beautiful teaching from the sixth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.
Rukmini Chaitanya finished a Bhagavad Gita course and will soon open a new one as continuation. Our Pranayama workshop also came to an end, however, a new one is due to begin in its place.
We had a beautiful evening satsang on the subject of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and enjoyed a great celebration of Purim (Jewish holiday) in the center. Many teachers and students whom we had not seen for a long time joined us for the program. The day started with a wonderful yoga class, then a reading of “Megilat Esther” from the Bible and concluding with a big vegetarian festive meal. We were excited to see so many people coming to the center from different parts of the country, also of different ages, young as well as old. It was really a beautiful celebration.
Swami Swaroopananda gave a beautiful teaching on the importance of human birth in a physical body following the birthday Puja for two of the staff.
We opened a Beginners yoga course and concluded a Meditation course for beginners.
The following Sunday we had a wonderful evening of questions and answers with Swami Swaroopananda. Many teachers and students from different parts of the country came to participate. Swamiji gave a beautiful introduction explaining the way yogis influence the world by inner practice, he gave the example of Swami Vishnu who taught how to bring world peace by finding peace within ourselves. Everybody was very uplifted and inspired. After the evening was over, many of us stayed and continued asking Swamiji many more questions, his answers were very interesting and inspiring. We continued the preparations for Passover holiday and also the final arrangements for the big yoga retreat. We also had a new yoga Beginners course opening this week.
We had a beautiful Passover celebration! A few days beforehand the Center was thoroughly cleaned by staff and karma yogis. The kitchen was spotless, especially the oven and the fridge which were simply sparkling. On the day of Passover, itself the dining tables were beautifully decorated and we printed small booklets for everyone to follow. Swami Swaroopananda was leading the service. He explained the historical event of exodus and God’s miracles and protection. Then during the night, each one of us got the opportunity to participate and read from the Haggadah. We had a delicious feast made by Kumari, Sivakami and others. At the and we sang beautiful songs connected to this event. Different teachers, students and karma yogis joined us for this celebration and were greatly inspired and happy. On Sunday, Swami Shambhu Devananda gave a beautiful satsang on the subject of creating new habits.
We had a wonderful Passover yoga retreat for 4 days in a beautiful place near Jerusalem called “Neve Shalom”. People came from all over Israel to participate. We had a special program for kids and teenagers also. The kids had their own Satsangs, songs and games, and also separate yoga classes and walks in nature. The weather was very stormy and we had to adjust the program to the ongoing rain. Eventually the sun came out and we could even go for a silent walk in nature. The atmosphere was really good and peaceful. People greatly enjoyed their time, the regular yoga classes, and the easy yoga classes with some adaptations.
Beside the Satsangs, we had beautiful lectures at noon. One of them was on the subject of homeopathy and another on Ayurveda and cleansing of the body from toxins. Narayan Jyoti also gave a beautiful concert dedicated to the healing of the heart. After the last workshop the kids showed a wonderful play they prepared, which everyone enjoyed a lot. The staff were cooperating nicely with each other and everyone was working together smoothly.
The most special program of the retreat was the questions and answers session with Swami Swaroopananda that was simply amazing. Everybody was inspired and received an answer for their question. We are now happy to be back in the Center and to continue the promotions of new courses and activities.
We had an evening satsang on the subject of right attitude in practicing Karma yoga. The teaching was taken from the book “Daily readings” of Swami Sivananda. The Pranayama and Yoga 3 courses finished. Many karma yogis are coming to help in the Center which we are very happy about. We are promoting new courses which will start right after all the holiday season. May the blessings of the Masters be upon us all! Om Shanti

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Om Namah Sivaya. Attendance for all classes and satsang was lower at the beginning of the month because of snowstorms and heavy winds. We started a new Yoga 1 and continued with several courses, including Meditation level 1 and 2. We had Sanskrit Phonetics as well as an Open class in Japanese, which did very well. We also continued filming some small video projects for our YouTube promotion.
The following week we started new Introduction to Yoga and Meditation level 2 courses.
Our Indian vegetarian cooking was full.
We had several new teachers assisting classes and we all enjoyed our Teachers’ meeting where all teachers came together for Puja, sadhana and lunch.
The following weekend we had several very nice workshops. The first, Indian Vegetarian Cooking, was full, and students loved learning and spending time together. As well we had a workshop that explained how to practice postures that are beneficial for meditation and pranayama which students very much appreciated as a lot of them struggle with achieving some stability during the practice. New Yoga 1, Meditation, and Pranayama courses started as well. We spent some time updating our programs and we all look forward to some warmer weather.
We had new Meditation, Yoga 1 and Yoga 2 courses starting this week. We offered several classes for CBC radio station employees as part of their women’s mental health program. Staff have been working on spring cleaning as the weather was a little warmer. We spent a lot of time week supporting one of our long-time teachers, who lost a family member. It was nice to see how much comfort her spiritual community gave to the whole family. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Pranams to all from Trivandrum Centre. All is going well with the grace of the Gurus and support of all Karma Yogi staff. The heat is increasing day by day and looks like it is going to reach an extreme peak by the end of the month. Unfortunately, it also hasn’t rained. We began our Monday evening Beginners’ course and celebrated the Devi festival Attukal Pongala. Lakhs of people gathered in the city from all over Kerala to cook the Pongala. People were so excited to do this after covid as it was not able to go ahead during the covid season. We served lemon water throughout the day as the heat was intense, and also gave some small donations to our fort section to arrange the lunch of those who were cooking in our street. Staff really did a good job serving drinks. Even though Holi is not celebrated here as it is in the north, we still had the opportunity to celebrate as we have a mix of north and south Indian staff.
The following week was very busy: we started a new Ladies Beginner course and had an Asana correction workshop. We also focused on advertising our upcoming Kids camp though using all social platforms, keeping big flex on entrance and distributing notice in the school and apartments. The week ended with Sunday Prayers with many spiritual seekers attending.
The following week was killing hot, especially at noon time. We had one day of rain which gave some relief but not enough to break down the temperature. Sunday after satsang, all staff distributed the upcoming Kids Summer Camp notice in the Museum and Kannakkunnu palace followed by dinner outside.
Despite increasing heat, the classes and courses are going in full swing by God’s and Guru’s grace. Staff are fully dedicated to their duty and sincere with their own sadhana. On Monday we started a new yoga Beginners course with a good number of students in the evening. All other classes are going well. Since last weekend we have been running an advertisement campaign to distribute the notice of our upcoming summer program in the park and nearby residence association. The week ended with a spiritual gathering of some spiritual seekers.
We started a new Yoga Ladies beginners’ course. Other regular classes are going fine. We have had no rain for a few weeks and the temperature is in its record. Our Sunday Satsang was energetic with quite a lot of people.
An unprecedented heat wave scorched Kerala like never before this summer with record-breaking temperatures, especially in the northern parts of the state. Considering this we are lucky that our morning and evening classes have good attendance. On Monday 10th we started our Kids Summer Yoga Camp with 25 students. We also organised a Beginners’ course at the same time for parents and 7 of them joined. Also, the morning Beginners’ course started on the same day and 14 students joined for this course. On 15th New Malayalam year was celebrated with special Sathya and Vishu kani. A Krishna Picture was kept in front of the altar along with fruits, vegetables, flowers, and fresh dhoti with some money. Our elderly staff Pooja was brought to have the first darshan of lord Krishna. All the younger people received the money from elderly people and our youngest staff member Meenu received the more money than anybody else. The week ended with energetic Sunday prayers with a few guests and staff. Praying for everyone’s health. Hari Om Tat Sat

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Vienna, Austria

Om Namah Sivaya. Two intermediate Yoga courses, a Yoga 2 course and a Meditation course began with a good number of inspired students. Many of them are long-term Centre students who have been looking forward to this for some time. We also had a successful asana workshop which went into the detail of the range of movement of the joints. A good number of students came to the Drop-In classes and the evening meditations were well-attended. We also had workshops on Thought power and Positive thinking; and on Detox and Yoga. In addition, the centre also contributed with an additional morning online-Satsang.
A Beginners course started with an inspired group of newcomers and returning students. We also had our Open House with some interested newcomers participating in the Asana demonstration and the trial class. In addition, the Introduction to Meditation was well-received. Karma Yogis supported the centre well, focusing this week on some maintenance tasks.
A new Beginners’ course and several intermediate courses started the following week. In addition, the Bhagavad Gita course started its last continuation. We had a weekend workshop on deepening the Pranayama experience which was very much appreciated. The Centre also contributed with an additional Satsang to the online activities. On Saturday a small Karma Yoga Day focused on cleaning the Centre windows.
A number of Intermediate Yoga courses successfully started this week. Students are happy with the possibility to practice regularly in the courses. On Monday a special course on expansion in the asana began with an inspired group of students looking for a deepening of their asana practice. Also, a Meditation course 2 continued from course 1 with almost all of the students. An asana workshop focusing on the range of movement of the different joints attracted many students on Saturday. Two long-term maintenance projects were finalized: Lord Shiva is now radiating His peaceful energy from a new small altar behind the reception; and also, in the reception area there is now a new TV screen displaying elevating and inspiring movies on TTC and yoga vacation for the students when they are having their tea before and after the classes.
After Easter Monday the Centre resumed the regular teaching schedule. Courses and Drop In-classes were running well this week. On Friday evening a relaxation workshop was well attended. The students were grateful for the deep relaxation experience following the collective practice. On Saturday morning we had a Yoga 1 course starting with a good number of young inspired students. Karma Yogis gave good support to the centre. Due to internet maintenance, there were no online events this week from Vienna.
Drop-In classes and Satsangs were well attended in the final week. On Wednesday a Yoga 1 Beginners course started with a group of inspired, mostly young, students. On Friday evening the Centre teachers came for a correction workshop on the shoulderstand. All were glad to have time to practice and discuss together. This week also the planning for the summer months was finalized. Students are looking forward to the new inspirations for their practice. Om shanti.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Vilnuis, Lithuania

Om Namah Sivaya. Asana classes were very well attended. The cold wet weather and snowstorms have apparently prevented people from attending the morning satsangs in larger numbers. We are pleased to be able to offer a Beginners’ course for students – Yoga 1,2,3. After a long time we finally have a course for pregnancy. Little by little we have been preparing for Swami Sivadasananda’s visit. We have been deep-cleaning the centre, the staff have made new curtains for the staff room, as well as new kitchen towels and a tablecloth for the altar. The first early birds registered for our June retreat. At the beginning of the month, spring was only in our hearts, but not outside.
The centre ran smoothly the following week and did not close even on a public holiday: the Lithuanian Independence Day. The number of students did not increase, but the courses continued sucessfully. All the organisational work for the special, long-awaited event – Swami Sivadasananda’s visit with a programme in Vilnius and Kaunas – was carried out quietly. People are actively registering, especially in Kaunas. The Sivananda Yoga branch in Kaunas, “Prana”, has completed its anniversary of 15 years of humble service.
The Yoga classes and courses for beginners Yoga 1, 2, 3 and courses for pregnant women were successful and well-attended. Swami Sivadasananda visited the Centre for the weekend. The programme included a meeting with the teachers of the centre; an asana workshop with TTC graduates; morning and evening satsang with both new people and teachers; and an asana class in a rented room at the University opposite the yoga centre followed by hearty meal at the Centre. The next morning was mantra initiation and a kirtan session.
The programme then moved on to the 15th anniversary celebration of Prana Yoga Centre, an affiliated Sivananda Centre in Kaunas. A large number of teachers and students attended the programme. After an asana class and satsang, the centre’s leaders Mirabai and Gytis were honoured in a yogic way. The programme concluded with a vegetarian meal which extended into many meaningful talks on the practice of yoga and the possibilities of serving.
At the end of the month, Durga Devi and Bharata visited the upcoming Lithuania TTC location to check different things and to connect to the new place. The simplicity of the buildings is counterbalanced by the special beautiful nature, the isolation from the outside world and the beautiful lake.
On Saturday, they had a programme in Klaipėda, Lithuania’s third largest city by the sea. The yoga centre, which has been in existence for 18 years, is very conducive to Satsang and asanas. Although different styles of yoga are taught here, thanks to Divya, a former staff, Sivananda energy is dominant. We led two asana classes, one for the advanced and one, gentle. The teachers were delighted to have the opportunity to reconnect and chant mantras and kirtans. Everyone was grateful.
On Sunday there was a programme in another town – Telšiai, which is much smaller. The satsang and asanas were attended by both TTC graduates and new students. Such visits help local teachers to come together in solidarity to spread yoga and to organise Satsangs again.
The next was a good week, with three Beginners’ courses on every weekday. Some days six teachers were needed to run all the scheduled classes. Mother Parvati’s support is invaluable in setting up the weekly teaching plan, corresponding with teachers and coordinating everything. On Friday, Durga Devi and Bharata left for Visaginas, a town located few hundred km from Vilnius. On Saturday they had the continuation of the Spring Tour in Lithuania: a day yoga programme. The local Health Office not only rented the halls for the event, but also registered the people who turned up in large numbers. The programme was free of charge. It was surprising that around 40 people, almost all newcomers, turned up for the Satsang. We conducted the whole programme in Russian, because that is the city with the largest number of Russian-speaking people. The silent meditation was a big challenge for them, but they actively joined in the chanting of mantras and kirtans and listened to the lecture very carefully. We gave two asana classes: Bharata for the advanced students and Durga Devi, the gentle class. Afterwards we interacted with people, had tea and answered their questions.
A good number of pupils visited the centre in Holy Week, which culminated in Easter. Beginners’ courses and classes were held. On Saturday morning we had a beautiful Satsang on the theme of prayer, with quotes from various Christian experiences and teachings. During Easter the centre was resting, but two of the teachers came into the morning Satsang, so we had a beautiful three-part singing and all got a wonderful mood of celebration and peace.
All the Center activities went smoothly and nicely. The teachers took care nicely of the Center over the weekend while Durga Devi and Bharata visited two more places in Lithuania with the programme. In both towns they had a Satsang and asana class. In the first town – Jonava, the programme took place in a picture gallery. Mainly newcomers attended the programme. They accepted the Satsang with an open heart and chanted joyfully. The asana class was bit difficult, because one third of the students dealt with yoga exercises for the first time. After the programme, some tea, and talk together, Durga Devi and Bharata left to the other, much bigger town Panevezys, where the programme was held on Sunday at the secondary school’s hall. There are many TTC graduates in this town, some of them are teaching yoga. The programme was successful and all were grateful.
Despite the first really warm week, we had a good number of students for courses, classes and Satsangs. On Friday, Durga Devi and Bharata concluded a successful spring Sivananda tour for the upcoming TTC. It was the first time we visited the town called Vilkaviškis. A small group of women yoga practitioners were very happy to participate in the classical Satsang, bravely joining in the chanting, listening attentively to the lecture and were especially happy to participate in the asanas led by an experienced teacher. The programme took place in a modern building with stained glass windows that do not open. Fans and air-conditioners are very drying – we saw clearly that modern office spaces are not suitable for yoga centres. On the way, we visited the TTC May/June site, had a very thorough look around and checked the internet possibilities. The buildings and rooms are very simple, but the nature is magical, with old trees, greenery and a big lake. The teachers took great care of the yoga centre during the weekend, and Mama Parvati made a delicious lunch for everyone. Om shanti.

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Life is not fully lived, life has not been fully realised, if you do not serve and love entire humanity. – Sri Swami Sivananda


Aṃśa avatāra – Part incarnation
Anāhata – Mystic sounds heard by yogis
Analhaq – A Sufi assertion meaning ‘I am He’
Ānanda Kuṭir – Abode of Bliss
Ānanda Svarūpa – Of the form of bliss
Ānanda – Bliss
Anātmā – Not-Self
Aṅga – A limb, or part
Anna-Dāna – Charity of food
Antaḥkaraṇa – The inner instrument; the internal organ
Antarātmā – The Inner Self
Anataryāmin – The Inner Witness